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We organise the most rewarding journeys to Russia for our Australian friends since 1992

Australian customers are our favourite, for their love of travel, for their keen interest in exploring Russia and for their open mind. We have been honoured to have an opportunity to arrange thousands of journeys for our friends from Australia and we have given invaluable travel advise to thousands more. We are proud to know that nearly all of them have been deeply satisfied with the level of our service, quality of our expertise. We are scheduled to open a branch office in Sidney in 2013 to be be able to service you better and, in the meantime, we continue to service you from our offices in Saint Petersburg, Russia and in Washington DC.

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  Six Reasons why Australians Love to Travel with Us

Service for Australians  
We have a dedicated team trained to serve our Australian customers, so they know which packages work better for Australian (and New Zealand) passport holders, which flight connections make more sense, and how to arrange your visas.

Programmes for Australians 
We know that Australians prefer to travel the extra mile to see more. That's why we cover all destinations in Russia. We also have diverse programme options to choose from - private or small group tours, river cruises, and Trans-Siberian adventures, among other schemes.

World-Class Award-Winning Company
We have been named the World's Best Travel Agency for Inbound Tourism to Russia. This was accomplished not by being big, but by focusing on our customers, and by providing exceptional value and quality of service.  When it comes to quality tours to Russia, it’s no exaggeration to say that we are the best company.  

European and Asian Connections
To help our Australian customers, we have launched a special programme in 2013 called "European and Asian Connections". The programme allows you to plan a journey that encompasses the world with visits to popular Asian or European destinations on your way to and from Russia. Make sure you ask your travel specialist about special offers for this programme.

World-Class Guides 
All of our tours include our amazing guides - all specially selected and trained to do everything possible to ensure that you experience Russia in full. We know that having the best guides in the industry is just as important as having the best logistics people and best customer service people.

Tour Agency + Tour Operator
We are not just a travel agency. We operate many of our tours ourselves. This enables us to deliver service that we know is of exceptional quality for all of our programmes, and to offer you a better value as there are fewer companies involved in the supply chain. Since we control the entire process, we can and do provide extraordinary support and assistance during your trip.

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This guide is standing on Red Square in front of St. Basil's Cathedral, built on the order of Ivan the Terrible to celebrate his victory over Kazan - one of the last strongholds of the Mongols that fell near the end of their 300-reign over Russia. Many amazing historical stories are told by our amazing guides.