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The greatest feeling our travel specialists at Travel All Russia experience in their working day is the satisfaction from hearing from our clients after the journey is over.

It is very rewarding to know afterward that we've achieved more than what the client had hoped for when they picked us to handle their journey. Kind words of appreciation encourage us onward toward doing the very best for the next client. They push us to continually improve our service.
Suggestions for improvement are likewise highly appreciated. Russia continues to be a part of the world where the unexpected still crops up from time to time. If it turns out that your experience wasn’t as perfect as you expected, we very much want to know this so that we can do what it takes to get it right for the next visitor to this great land. We always strive to see that the journeys we provide improve with each visit, so that our clients have a very clear reason to rely on us for their next Russian vacation.
Our tour guides, our transfer drivers, and the representatives of hotels and cruise operators we work with all understand our desire to provide our clients with a perfect Russian escape. We’ve found that this desire is contagious, and it shows in the feedback we get after the plane touches down back home. And yes, we do let them know what you thought of them.


Few things in this life are perfect but I wanted you to know that this trip was one of those...

Laura Passuello
about Treasures of Two Capitals tour

We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our trip!

Terri Uren
about Moscow and St. Petersburg small group tour

A trip like ours should be on everyone’s  "Bucket List"!

Tim Jacobs
about his celebration of New Year in Russia

We send our sincere thanks for providing us with a most memorable experience.

Bryan Goff
about Treasures of Two Capitals tour

Really, the whole experience couldn't have been easier nor any better.

Lisa Orrantia
about Luxury Treasures of Two Capitals tour

We will treasure our memories forever and always be glad we visited your beautiful country.

John Anderson
about Treasures of Two Capitals tour

Our journey was a great adventure and you looked after us very well.

Alexander Awramenko
about Trans-Siberian Journey

This trip was one of the very best ones we have ever experienced.

Harvey Freidson
about Luxury Treasures of Two Capitals small group tour

We had a marvelous time and appreciate what your organization provided.

Kevin Leadbetter
about Treasures of Two Capitals tour

We are so glad we came to St. Petersburg as the city is unbelievably beautiful.

Gail Knott
about St. Petersburg tour


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