Russian Train E-tickets

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Ticket Types

There are two types of tickets on Russian trains: e-tickets and paper tickets. There are certain rules that apply to booking them. Continue reading to learn the difference between two ticket types and how to book them. Read more

Sapsan High-speed Train

Sapsan is the first high-speed train in Russia. And according to the numerous testimonials from our real clients it is the most convenient way to travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The journey from city center to city center takes 3,5 hours and you avoid traffic jams, hassle, and crowded airports. Read on about Sapsan

Package Rail Tours

In addition to offering a convenient online ticket reservation service, we also have a number of oustanding rail tour packages that include hotels, guided tours and visas. You can choose from custom programs or travel with a group on one of the luxirious private trains that run on the Trans-Siberian route. You can also travel across Europe, from West (Paris or Nice) to East (Moscow or Saint Petersburg). Or, you can cross Europe from North to South, from Saint Petersburg to the Black Sea.

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Trans-Siberian Adventure

Trans Siberian Map Virtual Journey from Moscow to Vladivostok

Take a good look outside the Trans-Siberian train. Google installed a video camera on the train, so you can now take a look at any part of the journey. Turn on a Russian radio song and enjoy the scenery!