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Kiev, Ukraine

The Cradle of the Russian Civilization

Brief facts:
Year of foundation: 482 AD
Population: 2.6 mln
The Capital and the largest city of Ukraine
Center of the East Slavic civilization
2012 UEFA European Football Championship

Situated on the banks of the Dnieper River, Kiev has been a city of power for centuries. In the Middle Ages it was the capital of the Old Kievan Rus and served as a trade center between the Mediterranean and the Baltic. It is believed to be one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, more than 1550 years old.

Historically Kiev was one of the most important cities in the region, a survivor of war and a witness of tumultuous events. Today it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with historical and architectural gems, ethnic restaurants and cafés, fantastic theaters and museums, and friendly people. Blending the narrow streets of the past with the modern skyscrapers of the present, Kiev combines the old and the new as nowhere else on earth can.

Home to the oldest Orthodox churches, Kiev boasts a plethora of religious sites. The St. Sophia Cathedral of the 11th century, crowned with green and gold domes, has exquisite mosaics and frescoes. The Kiev Pechersk Monastery, founded in the early 11th century, holds numerous architectural monuments such as bell towers, cathedrals, underground cave systems, and stone fortress walls. Both the St. Sophia Cathedral and the Kiev Pechersk Monastery are celebrated UNESCO world heritage sites.

Kiev is known for its rich cultural life. Theater-lovers will appreciate the newly renovated Taras Shevchenko National Opera House, poetically called a temple of muses and an architectural pearl. History-lovers can visit Kiev's many museums, such as the National History Museum of Ukraine, founded in 1899 as a division of the city Museum of Antiquities and Arts, and the highly recommended Museum of Historic Treasures of Ukraine. The National History Museum of the Great Patriotic War is a complex in the southern Pechersk district of Kiev centered around the monumental "Motherland," a statue that represents the strength of national culture and the power behind the Ukrainian people.

Take a stroll along the ancient streets of this vibrant city, absorb its unsurpassed beauty, and relish the spirit of its extensive history. We are certain that your stay in Kiev will be one of your most memorable vacation experiences!


1.  To find crocodile image on the mysterious House with Chimeras (Gorodetsky House), used nowadays as
     presidential residence for official and diplomatic ceremonies.
2.  To visit the final abode of the legendary Ilya Muromets, Nestor Letopisets and a hundred other saints. 
3.  To have a quick look of the whole city just within an hour, visiting the famous Kyiv in Miniature park.
4.  To find the monument to military pilots, situated on Dneprovsky Descent, most frequently referred to as the
     monument to commander “Maestro” from the famous Russian film “V Boi Idut Odni Stariki” (“Only Old Men Are
     Going To Battle”).
5.  To take a stroll along the mystical Lysaya Gora (literally “Bald Mountain”), a traditional site of the witch
     gatherings, nowadays the place where tolkienists and other informal communities gather.
6.  To drop into Kiev museum of the Great Patriotic War to see a gigantic pyramid made of a heap of rusted
     German helmets.
7.  To enjoy a cup of fragrant tea with home-made jam, sitting on the terrace in the house of Turbiny family, now
     the museum of the novelist and playwright Michael Bulgakov at Andriyivsky Uzviz.
8.  To arrange virtual tour to Pripyat and/ or other inhabited areas of the so-called exclusion zone.
9.  To get to know the history of the old Kiev, exploring one of the most popular and unusual museums in Kiev -
     One Street Museum – a huge antique store, full of city stories and legends, clearly demonstrating everyday life
     of the past epochs up to 1970th.
10.To dine at the traditional Ukrainian cuisine restaurant Puzata Hata, serving a dozen kinds of vareniki - classical
     Ukrainian dish.



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