Travel Advice

Booking Tips

Things to keep in mind when booking

First of all, you need to decide what part of Russia you would like to visit, as it is not a small country by any measure. Then, you need to pick the right season, as it will impact not only the price of your tour, but also the sights you will be able to explore.

Packing Tips

Things to keep in mind when packing

When is the best time to visit Russia? You are still in two minds, whether to tour from the deck of a ship or the sturdiness of land, in a small group or at your own pace? Is it better to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg by train or by air? All of these miscellaneous travel questions are answered here! We can help you decide which option suits your traveling desires best.

Tips on Arrival

Things to keep in mind while in Russia

Your trip is booked and you're ready to embark on your journey! But wait - do you have everything you need? This section will tell you what you should bring to Russia and what you' d better leave behind. We have compiled a list of traveling necessities, from money to credit cards, clothes and travel documents. Also learn what books you should bring along to enhance your exploration of this mysterious and dynamic country.