Not so long ago, Russia lay hidden. Outsiders were carefully regulated and frivolous vacations were rarities. The world remained cut off from Russian culture and people, helpless to do anything but wonder at the foreign world behind the Iron Curtain.

Not anymore.

Russia now welcomes visitors from all over the world to experience its absorbing and unfathomable history. Treat your taste buds with their delectable cuisine including salanka, a salty and savory meat soup with tangy olives. Open your eyes and ears to a new realm of sounds as you bask in the symphonic beauty of the Russian language. Fill your camera with pictures of mind-blowing perfection when a winter unlike any you have ever seen coats the city streets. Our goal at Travel All Russia is to strengthen the world’s exposure to Russian culture by offering you a safe, relaxing, and all-around magical journey through this still-mysterious land.

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