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Imperial Russia

The newly launched train, Imperial Russia, offers the best value program among private trains. Moreover, it goes slightly off the beaten track offering unique route from St. Petersburg to Baikal. 2014 is going to be the first season for this train so rates are more than reasonable, though comfort and service are premier.

from $4,999 per person


St. Petersburg - Baikal | Classic Journey

Tsar's Gold

Tsar's Gold is the oldest Trans-Siberian train that offers premium quality service and luxurious accommodation on board. It runs on a classic Trans-Siberian route from Moscow to Beijing. Over two weeks your will explore a handful of cultures and peoples while enjoying carefree cruising experience on this remarkable luxury train.

from $5,990 per person


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Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle train is the most luxurious option on the Trans-Siberian Railway. It offers biggest cabins, special features like champagne reception and boutique toiletries on board. The Golden Eagle is the only train in Russia that runs a part of the road with a legendary steam P-36 locomotive. The rates reflect all of the luxury add-ons you get.

from $16,595 per person


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