Lecturing Program 2014

A Russian river cruise onboard the MS Volga Dream is truly an invaluable experience that every keen traveler hankers to enjoy. A boutique vessel with premium quality service, attentive professional staff eager to satisfy your any request and luxurious cabins varying in space and price but not in comfort and amenities - that’s what make any cruise unique and unforgettable.
Arguably, the main advantage of the MS Volga Dream onboard experience is its rich educational program that permits to get a profound insight into the history, culture and modern-day life of Russia. This year the MS Volga Dream has invited three respected professors - two from Russia and one from Great Britain - to prepare a fascinating lecturing program for 2014 and turn your hasteless life onboard into an exciting cultural adventure.

Professor Ludmilla Selezneva


Professor of History and Politics of the University of the Humanitarian Education in Moscow, Ludmilla Selezneva, is an expert in political science and history of Russia and the Soviet Union. During her academic career she has succeeded in writing more than 50 research articles, 10 books and a monograph "Western democracy through the eyes of Russian liberals of the early 20th century". Ludmilla has taken part in more than a hundred of national and international conferences on history and politics and received universal recognition. She worked as a visiting professor in Oxford and Cambridge and gave lectures in numerous cities of the USA, Canada and Great Britain, including New York, Washington, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and many others. She was honoured to speak for the British-Russian All Party Parliament Group in the Palace of Westminster. Ludmilla is a very enthusiastic lecturer who always drains herself passing her knowledge and energy to the audience. Her job is her passion and now you have a wonderful opportunity to gain information about Russian history from this dedicated professor.

Cruise dates in 2014:

Lectures Onboard Include:

  • Lights and Shadows of the Khrushchev decade;
  • Michael Gorbachev and the end of the Soviet system and empire;
  • Russians in World War II;
  • Current Russia: people and leaders.

Professor Alexander Bolelov


Alexander Bolelov is a renowned professor with a degree in sociology and political science. He used to give lectures in many Moscow universities and now he works at Moscow State Agroengineering University in the Department of Philosophy and Law. He is the author of more than 40 research articles and textbooks, including "Youth socialization under conditions of administration", "Democracy in Russia: an attempt to define", "Democracy and the crisis of education" and many others. Professor Alexander Bolelov is an active participant of national and international academic conferences where he delivers reports on the issues of democracy, philosophy, education and politics. His lectures are informative and exciting as he always tries to stir interest in the subject and share all his knowledge with the audience.

Cruise Dates in 2014:

Lectures Onboard Include:

  • Current Russia: what is it?
  • Democracy in Russia: an attempt to define;
  • Russia in the mirror of Russian philosophy;
  • Education and Employment in present Russia.

Professor Geoffrey Hosking


A British historian of Russia and the Soviet Union, Geoffrey Alan Hosking, received education in the leading European institutions - at King's College in Cambridge, St. Anthony's College in Oxford and Moscow State University, where he successfully studied Russian and European history along with the Russian language topping it off with a degree in modern Russian history. He has a brilliant academic career - he taught at the University of Essex and at the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES), which is one of the world's leading institutions studying and researching Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia. He was a research fellow at Columbia University's Russian Institute, a visiting professor at the University of Cologne and was invited to give lectures at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Geoffrey Hosking has written many books covering different periods of Russian history including "Russia: People and Empire, 1552-1917" , "Russia and the Russians", "A History of the Soviet Union" and "Rulers and Victims: The Russians in the Soviet Union". You have a unique chance to meet this outstanding professor and one of the most famous Western historians of Russia onboard MS Volga Dream to discuss the most burning questions of Russian and Soviet Union history and receive background information about many of the sights explored during the voyage.

Cruise Dates in 2014:


Lectures Onboard Include:

  • Russia and its Empire;
  • Russian religion and icons;
  • The river Volga;
  • The turbulent rise of the Soviet Union;
  • The unexpected decline and fall of the Soviet Union;
  • The controversial evolution of the Russian Federation.