Tour: Three Volcanoes

An adventure like no other, explore the prisitne land of Kamchatka with our fully packaged tour program.

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Duration: 11 days / 10 nights
Type: Private tour
From: $2,851 per person
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Day 1
Arrival on Kamchatka -
You arrive in Elizovo town. Your guide will meet you at the airport and transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
day 2
Tour to the Valley of Geysers -
After breakfast you have a chance to take advantage of a unique optional tour to The Valley of Geysers (the price is $940).
Day 3
Ascent to the crater of Avachinsky volcano -
The average time of the ascent is 8 hours. After the dinner you transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and check-in to hotel.
Day 4
Cruising the Bystraya (Malkinskaya) river -
After 3 hours you'll get to its river valley where you will be explained safety rules and start preparing float boats for rafting down.
Day 5
Rafting down the Bystraya River -
In the evening you camp down on one of the river banks and have dinner.
day 6
Moving to Paratunka recreation base -
In the evening you arrive in Paratunka recreation base.
Day 7
Trip to the foot of Mutnovsky volcano -
It takes 3 hours to get there and during the way you'll have a bite of food. There you set up a tent base-camp and have dinner.
day 8
Ascend to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano -
Duration of ascent depends on the snowfields, it ranges from 4 to 7 hours.
Day 9
Excursion to Gorely Volcano -
The excursion lasts for 5-7 hours with lunch on the way. In the evening you get back to Paratunka recreation base.
Day 10
Boat-trip around Avacha Bay -
The boat-trip is 5-6 hours long. Lunch on the boat.
Day 11
Departure from Elizovo town -
Transfer to the airport is arranged.

What's included

  • accommodation at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (DBL, BB);
  • accommodation at a recreation base in Paratunka village (DBL, BB);
  • accommodation at a base-camp under Avacha volcano (placement 4-8 people);
  • service of guides;
  • service of a cook;
  • food according to the program;
  • excursions according to the program;
  • transfers according to the itinerary;
  • rent charges of group outfit and equipment (tents, rafts, stuff for cooking);
  • insurance;
  • passes and permits to natural reserves.

Not included:

* air tickets to and from Kamchatka; 
* lunch and dinner at the recreation base and hotel.

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Map of Three Volcanoes

Sights included in program

Avachinsky Volcano

Avachinsky Volcano

Located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, Avachinsky is an active volcano that lies within sight of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Why you should see it
The Valley of Geysers

The Valley of Geysers

Where the deep and colorful heart of the earth comes to the surface. Steaming pots of boiling spring water, blasting geysers, scarred rockscapes and lifeless trees next to flowing greenery Why you should see it
Karymsky volcano

Karymsky volcano

A still active volcano. Come see of the still-flowing eruption from Karymsky that dates back to 1996. It is a desolate beauty in the midst of the even deeper and more desolate beauty of the whole Kamchatka volcanic belt Why you should see it
The Bystraya (Malkinskaya) river

The Bystraya (Malkinskaya) river

Rafting fishing and camping abound on the Bystraya. This is a must for outdoor enthusiasts. It is unlike any river found in the North American Cordillera, serving up an equally drastic beauty but in the unique atmosphere of that which is Russia Why you should see it
Paratunka Recreation Base

Paratunka Recreation Base

Relax and recover in the Kamchatka zone. Need we say more? Healing thermal baths set in the the land of fire and ice Why you should see it
Viluchinsky volcano

Viluchinsky volcano

One of the prettiest extinct volcanoes in the region. It's snowcapped peak draped in jagged ridges that descend to the dry wildlife inhabited base area make for an awe inspiring sight in the middle of a this rugged land Why you should see it
Mutnovsky volcano

Mutnovsky volcano

Simply amazing. Trek along the path up Mutnovsky and hear this beast of a volcano hiss, spit, and blow as you make your way upward Why you should see it
Gorely Volcano

Gorely Volcano

Like every landmass of Kamchatka, Gorely doesn't cease to impress with unmatched beauty and uniqueness. The multitude of craters constitute its upper region filled with multicolored lakes and minerals border the psychedelic Why you should see it
Avacha Bay

Avacha Bay

Take in the wildlife and protruding mountains surrounding Avacha Bay. It is nothing short of a picture perfect area so cameras and a romantic spirit are the only ingredients necessary Why you should see it

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