Trans European Trains

Trans-European Trains

Trans-European trains work on the route from Moscow to Paris and from Moscow to Nice. At an average speed of 200 km/h they will take you through Europe's most enchanting places like Austria's Vienna and Linz, show you the beauty of the Italian Alps, entice you with the eclectic pace of Berlin, and finally bring you to the most romantic city in the world, Paris, or France's Cote d'Azur at Nice. Both of these railways cover more than 3000 km and are the longest two rail tracks in Europe.

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Train Cars
The train operates on the route of 40 hours length that's why is aimed at providing great comfort of its passengers. The train has cars of various categories: deluxe cars, first-class and second-class ones. The berths in deluxe cars compartments are arranged vertically, each compartment has an individual shower cabin, toilet facilities, a chair and a TV-set. As for first-class and second-class cars, they have 10 and 11 compartments accordingly. Both feature a reclining chair and a washing basin, but there are two-berth compartments in first-class cars and triple-berth compartment in second-class ones.

Onboard dining
Travelers can try a wide choice of meals of Russian and European cuisine in the restaurant car. The menu is provided in Russian and English languages and offers a great variety if hot meals, salads, dessests and drinks.

The service aboard can't but please you as all conductors were hired on competitive basis and were to present the certain set of professional and personal skills. All conductors are thoroughly up in ethics and culture of passengers service, they can speak English, German and French more or less.

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