Where to Go

What to See in Russia

Kremlin and Hermitage or Volga River and Baikal?

First of all, you should decide which places in Russia you would like to visit. Remember, it is the largest country on Earth that spans 11 time zones. Of course, most of the tourist sights are concentrated around Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but there are dozens of other unique places, including Lake Baikal, Kazan, Volgograd, Kamchatka. We recommend that your explore our section about Russia to decide where you would like to go. Or, you can speak with our helpful destination specialists.

How Expensive is it to travel to Russia

Russia is not a cheap country. You may be surprised to learn that it is actually more expensive than most European countries. Of course, you can still find great bargains and this is another reason why you should travel to Russia with us.

Best Time to Visit Russia 

Tourist season is from May to September, but winters are interesting too

Russia is a northern country - the coldest country on Earth, in fact. The majority of travelers prefer to visit Russia from May to September, when the weather is most comfortable. Some prefer to travel in winter time to experience the fabled Russian winters. We recommend you both variants, of course. Russia transforms from one season to another offering plethora of interesting things to do throughout the year. You can enjoy a ride on canals of Saint Petersburg or a Troika ride on snowy Peterhoff road - the choice is yours! You should also beware of Russian national holidays. Lots of places close down on major holidays. What are biggest holidays in Russia? Take Russia IQ test and get to know them!

Private vs Small Group Tour

Advantages of going on a private and on a small group tour

You should consider carefully which type of tour to take. While you can save a bit by joining a small group tour, you may prefer to take a private tour. Learn about advantages and disadvantages of both types of tours to Russia.

Flying to Russia

Russian international airports and popular connections

Russia has three major airports that service most international routes. Two of them - Sheremeteyvo and Domodedovo - are in Moscow. One - Pulkovo - is in Saint Petersburg.

Tour vs. Cruise

Advantages of traveling across Russia on a river cruise

In recent years Russian cruises have gained popularity among older travelers who enjoy group travel. Learn about advantages of seeing Russia on a river cruise.

Traveling in Russia

Getting across Russia

Your choice comes down to flying or taking a train. This refers mainly to  traveling between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Learn what the advantages and disadvantages of both are.