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If you plan your trip right, you will have the most rewarding experience. That's why we advice you to plan your trip with us. We are not the only company that organizes trips to Russia for sure, but we are probably the best company to travel to Russia with.

Planning your trip to Russia

Things to consider while booking and preparing for your trip to Mother Russia

Russia is neither a resort nor a particularly tourist oriented country. It has five-star hotels and a powerful government that seats in the most important tourist sights, making it complicated for travelers to see many of the tourist attractions. The country has almost no signs in English and a limited number of people speak English. This is why it is still a good idea to plan your trip with a travel agency, rather than on your own.

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A-la-carte reservation of all essentials for those who like to book on their own

Of course, you don't have to book a package tour to visit Russia. You can plan a trip on your own. We are a full-service agency and with us you can book just about anything related to Russian travel, from hotels to flights, from museum entrance tickets to visas.