Many of our tours require that you have a visa. Specific requirements depend on the country of your residence. For example, US clients are required to have a Russian visa, but not required to have a visa to Mongolia. Australian customers are required to have visas to both places and so forth. We are not a Consulate and we are not a visa agency, but we assist our customers in obtaining visas.

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All our luxury tours include visa preparation service by default. For customers from USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand, we are able to offer full visa processing service. For customers from other countries, we offer visa support service - visa invitation/voucher and document preparation service with detailed instructions.

The main advantage of our visa processing service is that we are well familiar with requirements of Russian Consulates and Visa centers. For example, we know that if you don't provide your maiden name or a phone number of your previous place of work in visa application, you may be refused a visa.

Our visa specialist will email you detailed, step-by-step visa processing instructions once you make your tour reservation with our company.

If your tour does not include visa service, you can purchase it from us separately. The advantage of using our service is that we will make it more convenient and comfortable for you. We will issue an official invitation and assist you in filling out the application, prepare all necessary documents for the Consulate. We will be ready to answer to all your questions and dispel any doubts.

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Many of our customers are discerned globetrotters, and their travel itineraries often include more than one country. Some of those countries have rather complex visa requirements that depend not only on your country of residence, but on the state you live in within the country. Our visa specialists have prepared useful and easy-to-read instructions for our most popular destinations.

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Applying for Russian Visa on Your Own

If you prefer to apply for Russian visa yourself, you will need to obtain an official visa invitation/voucher from a Russian travel company or a hotel. Our company also provides visa invitations. Once you have your invitation, you will need to fill out an online visa application on Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:

When you are done with the application, you will need to submit your documents with your original and signed passport to a local Consulate. Follow the links below for specific instructions and where and what to submit.

Russian Embassy websites

Russian Embassy in the US
Russian Embassy in Canada
Russian Embassy in UK
Russian Embassy in Australia
Russian Embassy in New Zealand
Russian Embassy in South Africa
Russian Embassy in Mexico
Russian Embassy in Brazil

Applying on your own can save you money at the beginning, but it can jeopardize your trip and lead to additional expenses in the future. Be prepared to spend significantly more time and sometimes even more money on your visa process. Due to complex requirements by Russian consulates you may need to re-submit your documents more than once for additional fees. This may delay your trip or result in a cancellation. We do not recommend applying for Russian visa without our assistance.