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A journey on the Trans-Siberian railway is rated among the ultimate trips of a lifetime, and for a good reason! However, be careful when choosing trains for your adventure, bad transport can ruin your entire experience.

One of the easiest ways to travel across the Siberian railroad is via regular overnight Russian trains. These are the most popular and frequently chosen trains on the Russian railways, designed to provide comfort as well as great value for money.

Plus, they are well-maintained and offer three travel classes. Let's take a closer look!

Train Classes Onboard Regular Russian Trains

1st Class (aka "SV")

As mentioned earlier, travel on regular Russian trains is surely an experience and a wonderful way to see the biggest country in the world! Not to mention that you may meet many locals along the way while traveling in comfort and not spend a fortune on the journey. In fact, 1st class cabins, also known as "SV", rival in comfort other transportation options on the route.

Designed for 2 passengers, such compartments have 2 beds, power sockets, and other top-notch facilities a traveler needs for a nice journey. There are usually from 6 to 9 cabins of that kind per car with washbasins and toilets located at each end of the train car. As a rule, bed linen is included in the ticket price. Check out the video to see what such cabins look like inside:


Unique Trans-Siberian Experiences: Traveling 1st Class in a Private Trans-Siberian Train Car

Based on the compartment's description above, you've probably got the idea that travel on regular Russian trains may actually be a great option. As a rule, a Trans-Sib journey lasts from 7 days non-stop which can be quite tiresome, that's why travelers choose to break down the route, staying in 3 or more cities on the way.

Did you know that it is possible to travel on one and the same train car AND make several-day stops along the way? How? We are always in search of ways to enhance our travelers' experiences and offer a special opportunity on our exclusive Small group Trans-Siberian tours - a detachable 1st class train car!

Instead of spending all your time on a train, you get the chance to discover the whole diversity of Russian cities simply catching the next one. Moreover, you don't have to be preoccupied with dragging your luggage on and off the trains because you can leave it in your lockable compartment as your 1st class train car will be detached in each city of your stay and reattached to the next train in one or two days. A pretty cool option, isn't it?


2nd Class (aka "Kupe")

Moving back to the overview of classes on Regular Russian trains, the 2nd class ("Kupe") cabins can accommodate 4 travelers, providing 2 upper and 2 lower beds. The inside features of such cabins include a table, a mirror, coat hangers, and enough place for your luggage. Washbasins and toilets are located at each end of such cars.

The facilities of the 2nd class cabins can vary depending on the type of train you are traveling by, and can additionally include electric outlets. However, if you choose this coach class, be ready that you will probably have to share your compartment with other travelers which is way less private than traveling by 1st class.


3rd Class (aka "Platzkart")

The simplest option onboard Russian trains are the third class coaches (called "Platzkart") which are less favorable for long rides as the Trans-Siberian journeys because they have no lockable doors and provide much less privacy. We highly advise not to choose this travel class for your journey.


Other Amenities and Features of the Trains

When planning a trip along the Trans-Siberian railway, you need to know some other peculiarities of the regular Russian train facilities. Each train has a restaurant car serving delicious food. Plus, you can purchase some snacks and drinks at the car attendant's trolley. However, keep in mind that paying by cards is not provided onboard all Russian trains, nor are there any ATMs on the train, so make sure you have enough cash with you beforehand!

As for the bathrooms, they are located at each end of the train car. As a rule, regular trains lack showers. For this reason, if you decide to travel on such trains, breaking down your route is highly recommended.


Branded Trans-Siberian Trains

However, regular trains are not the only travel option in Russia. You are also free to opt for Branded Russian trains like "Rossia" and "Enisey" or luxury trains like "Tsar's Gold", "Imperial Russia", "Golden Eagle" which provide even more facilities but at significantly higher prices.