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  • Ganina Yama
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    Ganina Yama, Ekaterinburg

    One of the most visited places during Ekaterinburg tours is Ganina Yama monastery, built in memory of the Romanovs, the last royal tsar's family in Russia.

  • Europe - Asia Obelisk, Ekaterinburg
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    Europe - Asia Obelisk, Ekaterinburg, Russia

    The Ural mountain range divides the continents of Europe and Asia, but did you know that several Obelisks were placed along the border at the beginning of the 19th century?

Ganina Yama
Europe - Asia Obelisk, Ekaterinburg

About Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg is a key-city to endless and rich Siberia and "a window overlooking Asia". Resting in the Ural region, Ekaterinburg is a thriving city where East meets West.