Places to Visit in Russia

Generally speaking, this year is a great time to go to Russia. The ruble, Russian national currency, remains weak, which means that for the same price you can get better hotels and guides, save on restaurants and souvenirs, and any other expenses. You will also save on airfares as the airlines offer various discounts to encourage you to fly during the weak economy.

The ideal time to travel is during the high season sometime between the middle of May to the middle of September - when the weather is right. I would like to note that if you travel at other times through out the year, you can save even more on your trip.

When planning your visit to Moscow I would recommend to plan your trip for a weekend when you can get great weekend specials for hotels, also you can avoid massive traffic jams which occur during the business week. When you plan a trip to St. Petersburg, I would recommend staying in one of its fine mini hotels, such as Herzen House Hotel, which offer good deals throughout the year.

Places to see in Moscow

Rating of Top Tourist Attractions in Moscow

Places to see in Saint Petersburg

Rating of Top Tourist Attractions in Saint Petersburg

  1. Kremlin
  2. The Red Square
  3. St. Basil's Cathedral
  4. Novodevichy convent
  5. May 9th Parade
  6. Christ the Savior Cathedral
  7. Moscow Subway
  8. Tverskaya Street
  9. Victory Park
  10. Park of Fallen Idols
  1. Hermitage
  2. Peterhof
  3. Scarlet Sails
  4. Catherine's Palace
  5. Usupov Palace
  6. Saint Isaak's Cathedral
  7. Savior on Blood Cathedral
  8. Nevsky prospect
  9. The drawing bridges
  10. Russian Museum
  11. Museum of Political History
  12. Mariinsky Theater
  13. Mikhailovsky Theater

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Best time to visit Moscow: May through September

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Best time to visit Saint Petersburg: May through September