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We're very happy to see you in the Travel All Russia blog, welcome! In this section of our website, we share interesting information about the biggest country in the world to help you get a better understanding of this glorious destination before the start of your Russia travel. Being experts with over a decade of experience in travel in this European region, we're more than fascinated to give you answers to often asked questions as well as keep you updated on the news of our company.


Life Above the Arctic Circle: Things to Do in Murmansk
In the first part of the travel guide about Murmansk, we've introduced you to the city's unusual history and gave some useful travel tips. In this piece, we're glad to share the most exciting activities to make your time touring Murmansk simply irresistible!
Life Above the Arctic Circle: Russia's Murmansk
Will you believe us if we tell you that there's a place on Earth where every year for 40 days in a row people live without the light of the sun? No matter how unbelievable it may seem, we didn't make this up. Welcome to spectacular Murmansk, Russia's capital of Arctica!
Incredible Vladivostok & The Russian Far East
Amazing Russia is so multifaceted in terms of nature, culture, history, and people, that even if you put both Moscow and St. Petersburg on your travel agenda, you won't get much closer to understanding the enigma of the mysterious Russian soul. To properly comprehend the splendor of Russia, you need to look off the beaten path. And one of the best places to have a closer look at is glorious Vladivostok.
Russia's Treasures: The Republic of Karelia
On this page, we bring you an overview of the top Karelia attractions to upgrade your Russia journey with as well as share a video interview with our travelers, who've visited this part of Russia with us!
Tretyakov Gallery: Treasure Trove of Russian Art
Visiting the marvelous Russian capital and are in two minds how to enrich your experience? There's no doubt that your acquaintance with Russia will be incomplete without immersing into its incomparable art and culture so, while in Moscow, don't miss the chance to explore the legend - the gallery that, previously being a small private collection, turned into the most famous depositary of Russian art on the planet. Welcome to the State Tretyakov Gallery!
10 Things You Didn't Know About the Hermitage
There's much more to the Hermitage Museum that its outstanding collection of artwork. For starters, it is one of the greatest and most recognizable landmarks of St. Petersburg, housed in the gorgeous Winter Palace which once belonged to Russian Tsars. But what else is so unique about it? Let’s take a closer look.
Hidden Stalin Bunkers & Soviet Secrets You Didn't Know About
The underground is indeed a place with a mysterious side: be it a natural cave, dungeon, crypt or winding manmade catacombs. Yet the hideaways created by humans in the atomic age keep many secrets. In this piece, we take a closer look at the secret bunkers built in the Soviet times which exist today.
Amazing Fabergé Eggs
Everybody knows something or at least once heard about Fabergé eggs. These small wonders are among the most expensive jewelry in the world and are a popular must-visit during Russia tours. Carl Fabergé produced a variety of jewelry, but it was eggs that made him renowned for ages. So, what’s their history and why was an egg shape chosen for these incredibly expensive treasures?
Peter the Great | The Age of Europeanisation
If you ask a Russian to enumerate a couple of prominent historical leaders, you are likely to hear the name of Peter the Great among the first ones. Why? Having become a real legend, Tsar Peter the Great had no contemporaries or successors who’d made such profound changes in the wellbeing of the entire Russian state. Exactly on August 18th, 1682, Peter the Great ascended to the Russian throne, so today we would like to pay tribute to the life and the reign of the first Russian Emperor, as well as to recall his merits in the country’s prosperity.
Russia Day Origins
Did you know that Russia is one of the record-holder countries for the number of national holidays per year? In the past few years, June 12th has become an occasion for national pride as Russians commemorate Russia Day from Moscow to Siberia to the final destination of the Trans-Siberian Railway, Vladivostok. But what are the roots of this remarkable holiday and what exactly do people celebrate?
Great Inventions by Russians
The world’s largest country boasts not only natural and architectural beauty, so when going on a tour to Russia keep in mind that it’s also a proud mother of many famous scientific discoverers, inventors and brightest minds. One might know about the Sputnik or Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of chemical elements but what other interesting creations and scientific discoveries were made by Russians which we use today?
Is Russian Easter Different Than Yours?
While the rest of the world decorated Easter eggs couple of weeks ago, Russians just cracked theirs a few days ago. Unlike the rest of the world, Russians use Julian calendar, often differing from Gregorian. Hence this year Easter day falls on April 8th - the last Sunday. In celebration, today we take a look at the Russian Easter and what traditions are common during this festive period.
National Waffle Day - Russian Waffle Recipe
Crispy and soft, with fillings and toppings, round, square or heart-shaped, lush or flat - waffle types are just endless. Learn how to make traditional Russian waffle tubes and add this dessert to your "must-taste" list while you tour Russia.
Eating in Russia: at the Table Superstitions
Modern Russians may not believe in many superstitions, yet some have become an intrinsic part of everyday life. We have put together some Russian superstitions, beliefs and traditions connected with at the table behavior which you might find odd but which can help avoid some shocking surprises during your tour to Russia! In this article find out why you shouldn't leave an empty bottle on top of the table when in Russia, where to sit, and more.
Most Famous Russian Pies
Russian pies or "pirogi" are probably the most distinctive dish in Russian cuisine. The word "pirogi" itself derives from the Russian word "pir" meaning "feast". Indeed historically, pirogi were a must during any celebration. Today we are going to review the most famous types of Russian pies and learn how to cook them.
Russian Food
What images cross your mind when you think about Russian food? You have probably heard about borsch in some book or a movie. Guess what? There is much more to Russian food than that.
Meet Trans-Siberian in Small Group
The Trans-Siberian Railway has celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. We decided to honor this spectacular event by launching a new all-embracing Trans-Siberian small group tour. In our humble opinion, it's still the best program on offer today, want to know why?
Tsar's Gold Adventure Overview | Part 2
We know that rail adventures like the Tsar's Gold have a lot to get a traveler interested, charmed, and excited with. Thus, we would like more people to know how it feels to go on such a tour and in this piece, we continue sharing the fascinating story of our dear client, Bob Derickson.
Tsar's Gold Adventure Overview | Part 1
We are always excited to get our client's feedback about the journeys we've organized! This time, we received a saturated review and a bunch of nice photos from one of our travelers, Bob Derickson, who experienced the great Tsar's Gold Trans-Siberian adventure in July 2019. We're happy to share this piece with you and hope that it'll inspire you to embark on an epic journey like this one day!
Russia Small Group Tours Comparison
Traveling to Moscow and Saint Petersburg is a must for those, planning to experience Russia. For this reason, we compared our most popular small group tours that include two gorgeous Russian capitals. See the comparison of the most rewarded small group tours to Russia.