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The Golden Ring of Russia

As the saying goes, if you have only seen New York, then you haven't seen the United States. Our destination specialists believe that the same goes for grandeur Russia. If you have only been to Moscow or visited its former capital St. Petersburg, it doesn't mean that you've really seen Russia. Yes, you have explored two of the biggest and most beautiful cities in the entire country (maybe even the world), but the Golden Ring is that second half of the coin you need to have in order to see the full picture of Russia.

Tretyakov Gallery: Treasure Trove of Russian Art

Visiting the marvelous Russian capital and are in two minds how to enrich your experience? There’s no doubt that your acquaintance with Russia will be incomplete without immersing into its incomparable art and culture so, while in Moscow, don’t miss the chance to explore the legend - the gallery that, previously being a small private collection, turned into the most famous depositary of Russian art on the planet. Welcome to the State Tretyakov Gallery!

Russia's Wonders: Top UNESCO Sights

There’s no denying it, the biggest country in the world has much to offer travelers. Russia alone is home to a total of 28 UNESCO World Heritage Sites! Luckily, most of them are located in the eastern part of Russia (the most visited one by foreign travelers) and may be perfect additions to any Russia itinerary. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Amazing Fabergé Eggs

Everybody knows something or at least once heard about Fabergé eggs. These small wonders are among the most expensive jewelry in the world and are a popular must-visit during Russia tours. Carl Fabergé produced a variety of jewelry, but it was eggs that made him renowned for ages. So, what’s their history and why was an egg shape chosen for these incredibly expensive treasures?

What do you know about Tatarstan?

It might be hard to imagine but Russia is such a multicultural and diverse country that it’s actually really difficult to enumerate all its ethnicities brought together “under one roof”. For different counts, Russia is home to more than 160 nationalities which is truly impressive. But did you know that the second largest ethnic population of Russia is Tatars? Where exactly is Tatarstan located and why is travel to Tatarstan worth giving a try? You’ll find the answers to these and other questions in this outline of Tatar culture.

Why Mongolia Should Be on Your Bucket List | Part 1

Distant and unique, Mongolia is among the less discovered corners of our planet. It’s probably not the first destination that pops in your mind when thinking about travel abroad, yet this rare and off-the-beaten-track Asian country with one-of-a-kind heritage, centuries-old history, still kept traditions, and nomadic culture is certainly worth a visit. In this piece, we’ll introduce you to enigmatic Mongolia travel and share why this destination is definitely worth exploring.


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