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World's Best Private and Small Group Tours to Russia

We organize the world’s best journeys to Russia. Let us explain why they are the best. First of all, we organize objectively better travel experiences than other companies. Secondly, when you book your tour to Russia with Travel All Russia, you get remarkable value for your money. Moreover, with us, you can plan a trip that includes not just Russia, but any European country. Finally, when you book with us, you book your trip with the most trusted company for traveling to Russia and you can be certain of the quality, safety, and service. Here's why you should trust us to organize an ultimate Russian vacation for you:

1. Objectively Better Travel Experiences

We are proud to organize the most amazing tours to Russia and offer programs that include exactly what you want - the very best of Russia.

First of all, we design our programs in a way so you live in the heart of each city, for instance, right next to Red Square in Moscow or on the Nevsky Prospekt in Saint Petersburg. This means that you spend your valuable time on exploring a destination instead of wasting it in traffic. Another major advantage of staying at a central hotel is the opportunity to enjoy remarkable restaurants, attend fascinating evening performances like the ones in Bolshoi Theater or Mariinsky Theater, and make the most of your evenings in Russia.

Secondly, throughout the last 15 years, we have perfected our programs so you have a trip of a lifetime. We value your time so we pick the best days for you to visit Moscow with fewer people on the streets. In addition, we arrange line-free admissions to important landmarks like the Kremlin, so you spend more time inside than outside.

Furthermore, our company is one of the most reputable tour operator names for Russia. It is considered a privilege for the guides to work with us and our clients. We contract only fully licensed professional guides once they pass our strict selection criteria. Our guides are cultural ambassadors who will not just take you on a wonderful tour of Russia, but also unveil the most interesting aspects of their culture and history.

Finally, we are the only company that includes full visa processing service in our package tours. This means that you don’t have to worry about Russian visas. We will fill out the forms for you and take care of your visa applications. Just relax and enjoy the anticipation of your journey to Russia

Moreover, we know that during your trip you may have special requests. We have a dedicated service team to help you with special requests, for example, cooking master classes, river cruises, theater performances or dinner reservations. So, don’t hold back and let us know what you’d like to do during your free time in Russia.

2. Unmatched Value for Your Money

We are a direct tour operator, which means we organize tours ourselves, instead of reselling someone else’s tours.

This way we ensure outstanding quality and great rates for our customers, and instant in-trip support. By being a real tour operator, not only can we control the quality of service and coherence of our programs, but we can also deliver a remarkable price as there are no excess links in the supply chain. To put it simply, our clients go on unforgettable journeys, enjoying unmatched value.

3. Customization Like it Should Be

We are a part of Firebird Tours - a tour operator for the entire Europe. This means that you can combine your journey to Russia with any other destinations on the continent. In fact, we organize tours in 14 time zones from Iceland to Vladivostok.

We make customization not only possible but exceptionally convenient. Each customer is assigned a dedicated destination specialist with a deep knowledge of the target destination. They help our customers to devise a perfect program that reflects their interests.

While most other companies just resell one-size-fits-all packages with very little to none customization options - we help our travelers build their dream journeys. Without any limitations or constraints.

Our team is trained to be our customer’s best advisor. We are sure that you will love the experience of working with our specialists just like many other travelers did. See customer reviews section for reference.

4. We Care About Your Journey

Your trip is very important to us. We meticulously organize every detail so you can have a journey of a lifetime.

We are not the only the company that organizes tours to Russia. We are the most trusted. Because we have done it long enough, well enough. We create over 10,000 trips per year and we have the highest approval ratings in the industry. We assembled a skillful team of travel planners and designed our processes in such a way that everything about your trip is double and triple checked. We know how important your trip is for you and it is equally important for us. And in case something goes wrong, we are here to make it right for you. This is our service promise to you - you are a Highly Valued Customer.

Finally, when you book your trip with us, you book it from US and Swiss companies that work hand-in-hand to build and organize your program. For you, this means a high level of confidence and trust that your trip is in good hands and that you are dealing with a reputable and accountable company with rock-solid financials and western management.

Founder's story

I grew up in a remote town of Siberia on the border with China (Magdagachi, map). Russians call this region the Russian Far East. When the USSR collapsed my parents opened up a small hotel and told me to study English. It was the only hotel for one thousand miles in any direction and I was probably also the only person out there who spoke some English, which proved to be quite essential when various around-the-globe travelers started showing up on our doorstep as this was the only way to cross that part of Siberia.

I met many wonderful people from the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Some drove cars, some bicycles, some walked. Some were writers, some were retirees, others were professional travelers (there were no bloggers at that time). And, they all stayed at our small hotel and were invited to dine at my parents' house. It was then, 30 years ago that my career in travel has started and when I first realized that the world is much larger and much more interesting than my remote town in Siberia. My inquisitive life-perspective and diligent approach to studying eventually brought me to New York University on a prestigious Fulbright scholarship sponsored by the U.S.

It was during my time in New York that I realized that travel was not my childhood curse, but my lifetime opportunity. Continue reading

Company history timeline

  • 2007 - First office opens in New York City
  • 2009 - Company moves to Arlington, Virginia
  • 2011 - Company opens branch in Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • 2011 - World Travel Award winner in category Russia’s Best Tours
  • 2012 - Company opens branch in Minsk, Belarus
  • 2014 - Company moves to Fort Lauderdale in Florida
  • 2014 - First European office opened in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2015 - Launch of a new project - Firebird Tours
  • 2016 - Australian branch opens
  • 2017 - Swiss tour operator opens
  • 2019 - Launch of a new project - Tours to Europe
  • Now - Company has served 420,000 customers with 25,000 of them booking trips longer than 10 days

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Trust Pilot Ratings

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