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10 Reasons That Make Us Different

We know every detail about traveling to Russia and always strive to deliver exceptional quality of service. However, mere desire is not enough to become the best company in the world for traveling to Russia. We've put a lot of hard work and thought so that you can enjoy a carefree vacation. Learn how we are different and what helps us deliver the remarkable service for you:


Award-winning private and small group tours

Our customers have an outstanding choice of quality and value

Like in a really good restaurant, we don’t serve 50 different dishes. Instead, we do a really incredible job with a selection of few. And, for each destination that we service, we offer our customers an outstanding choice between private tours and small group tours.


Forget buses

Our tours have superb quality. This is why we will not put you on a bus with other 50 people

When it comes to travel to Europe, many tour companies use large buses to move travelers between cities and during sightseeing. Sometimes they even say "luxury buses" that carry 50 people :) This is a really good deal for tour companies, but not for you because you spend from 3 to 5 hours on the bus each day. Talk about a waste of time, right? We do it differently because we are all about your experience. We use high-speed trains to travel between cities, and we use private cars or minivans to move our customers around on sight-seeing. This is just so much better.


No middlemen

For us, your trip is not just another program. It is a journey of a lifetime that we have a privilege of organizing

Many travel companies resell programs organized by other travel agencies. It’s a commonplace that damages your experience. Here again, we do it differently. We select guides and local vendors ourselves. We test them for quality, we think through logistics and we experiment to build the most complete programs for each destination. For us, your trip is not just another program. It is a journey of a lifetime that we have a privilege of organizing.


Guaranteed departures for all land tours

We value your time and your travel plans

Imagine you booked a trip, but few months before its start you get a call (or just an email!) that it is being canceled because there are not enough people. This happens with large groups and it happens more often than you think. It never happens to our customers thanks to our policy of guaranteed departures. In fact, even if you booked a trip on one of our small group tours and no one else books it, you will have all guides and transportation just to yourself. We value your time and your travel plans.


Free visas included in all tour packages

We value your time and your peace of mind

Because we are all about convenience we take care of our customers’ visas when such are needed (Russia, China, Mongolia, etc). That will save you not just hundreds of dollars. It will also give you a piece of mind. We will deal with bureaucracy so you can enjoy your trip in full.


Specialists who have been there, who have seen it, and who love it

We offer only what we know well and what we love ourselves

It is our company’s policy to ensure that all specialists who work with clients have actually been to destinations that they work with. This is great news for you because you have access to real hands-on local knowledge backed with one of the top-notch professional expertise in the industry.


Best guides in the industry

Our guides a reason to travel in of itself

Just like we make sure that we have the most knowledgeable and helpful destination specialists in the industry, we also make sure that we have the very best guides. Working for us and guiding our customers is the top of the evolution chain for guides in all destinations where we work.


Top hotels in the heart of each destination

Our hotels would be worth a trip of its own

You have to live in the center to really see the destination. Besides, your hotel is part of your overall travel experience. That's why we work with the finest premium and luxury hotels in each destination. If you are in Moscow, you are stone’s throw from Kremlin. If you are in Stockholm, you are next to the royal palace.


No line admission to venues

Our customers don't wait in lines

All of our customers, both private and small groups, enjoy free line admission to all venues included in the program. You will never have to wait for two hours in the line to the palace. You will see every sight in detail with professional guide and you will not be rushed through the halls because most of the time was lost in the lines. That's the advantage of premium grade travel.


No hidden fees

Our customers never pay more than they originally decided to

We don't believe in hiding the actual price of the trip. On the contrary, the price that we give is the final price that you will pay and it includes everything listed in the program, taxes, fees, port surcharges. You pay exactly what you expect.



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