Russia Travel Guide | Planning a Trip to Russia 2021-2023

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Russia Travel Guide

Things to see, pack and do while in Russia

A country of breathing history, welcoming people, and sprawling geography, Russia boasts a never-ending stream of splendors.

Its onion-shaped domes, inspired by exotic Byzantine imperial palaces and churches and ancient castles built to fend off the terror-inspiring Mongol Golden Horde tower above sightseers.

Continent-spanning railroads, the longest in the world, constructed by Imperial Russian and Soviet architects, offer so many destinations that the travel possibilities are endless!



Why visit Russia

Russia is big, diverse and awe-inspiring. Explore the vastness of Russian landscapes, culture and history.

Facts About Russia That Make It Worth Your Visit

Best time to travel to Russia

The best time to go to Russia is from May to October, however, it is beautiful during any season.

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Before you go: packing tips

From power adapters to language to money, Russia is a very different country.

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While in Russia: tips on arrival

How much cash to bring and how much to tip to your driver & guide. What theaters to go to and more.

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