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Gastronomy in Russia


Crave to feel the flavor of real Russian cuisine? Learn everything you need to know about the gastronomy of Russia, including must-taste dishes not to miss during your getaway. Plus, to help you fit in with the locals, we've got you covered by sharing Russian at the table superstitions as well as some fun recipes to delight your family with before or after your trip.


Gastronomy in Russia
National Waffle Day - Russian Waffle Recipe
Crispy and soft, with fillings and toppings, round, square or heart-shaped, lush or flat - waffle types are just endless. Learn how to make traditional Russian waffle tubes and add this dessert to your "must-taste" list while you tour Russia.
Eating in Russia: at the Table Superstitions
Modern Russians may not believe in many superstitions, yet some have become an intrinsic part of everyday life. We have put together some Russian superstitions, beliefs and traditions connected with at the table behavior which you might find odd but which can help avoid some shocking surprises during your tour to Russia! In this article find out why you shouldn't leave an empty bottle on top of the table when in Russia, where to sit, and more.
Most Famous Russian Pies
Russian pies or "pirogi" are probably the most distinctive dish in Russian cuisine. The word "pirogi" itself derives from the Russian word "pir" meaning "feast". Indeed historically, pirogi were a must during any celebration. Today we are going to review the most famous types of Russian pies and learn how to cook them.
Russian Food
What images cross your mind when you think about Russian food? You have probably heard about borsch in some book or a movie. Guess what? There is much more to Russian food than that.
Mouthwatering Guide to St. Petersburg
A journey to St. Petersburg won't be complete without a visit to one of its gourmet restaurants. Browse our list of the best culinary attractions and enjoy your meal!
Mouthwatering Guide to Moscow
Explore the best of Russian culinary experiences. Meet Moscow's best restaurants and their brilliant chefs to make your tour to Russia tantalizing, toothsome, savory and mouthwatering.