Culinary Experiences in Moscow | 3 Best Restaurants

Mouthwatering Guide to Moscow

Mouthwatering guide to Moscow

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Russia is a place worth visiting. And it’s not only for iconic sights, breathtaking natural landscapes and unique culture. You can easily make your tour to Russia tantalizing, toothsome, savory and mouthwatering. We welcome you on a gourmet tour of the most amazing restaurants in Moscow and their brilliant chefs:


Sergey Berezutskiy - Twins Restaurant, 13 Malaya Bronnaya str., Moscow

The winner S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup 2014 as World’s Best Young Chef, Sergey Berezutskiy now runs a stylish Moscow venue "Twins" together with his brother, Ivan Berezutskiy. The young talent came to prominence in the past couple of years and is recognized today as one of Moscow’s most desired chefs. His dishes offer an eclectic mixture of traditional Russian cuisine with the latest trends & unexpected dressings. According to his own words, Sergey loves working with local seasonal products.

Every dish he cooks has an idea behind it. So in the end every guest gets not only a delicious meal, but also a very special emotion and memory.

Signature: Sergey loves experimenting with new Russian cuisine, so prepare for something special. How about the mackerel with watermelon, beetroot, risotto and Chechil cheese? Or maybe langoustines with smoked bark artichokes, zucchini ravioli, and tomato consommé & a cold tartar sauce served on a natural birch stump (see picture to the right)? You will remember this meal for years to come!


Mirko Dzago - Cheese Restaurant, 16 Sadovaya-Samotechnaya str., Moscow

If you are wondering what is the most popular Italian restaurant in Moscow, there is only one answer - “Syr” (The Cheese). Since its opening in 2001, it is always full of guests whose interest and love of this place don't wither for a single day.

The secret of such an overwhelming popularity is very simple. The irreplaceable chef Mirko Dzago has managed to create a very homey atmosphere that makes all the guests feel like they come to visit their good old Italian friend.

Mirko spent his childhood in a small Italian city of Aosta. At the age of 16 he started working in a local restaurant "Piemonte" as a... dishwasher. Gradually he began to learn the ropes of the culinary art. Then he continued his training abroad and worked in some of the greatest restaurants in Switzerland, Spain and Italy, before he finally moved to Russia. Now Mirko is perhaps the most famous chef in Moscow - he features on numerous culinary TV programs and gives interviews to renowned culinary magazines. And the most beloved one. Come to The Cheese to learn it at first hand.

Signature: Cheese, cheese and wine. Mirko and his sommeliers carefully selected the best wines from Italy, France and Spain, so you could enjoy the most gourmet variations of a traditional cheese and wine combination.


Vladimir Mukhin - White Rabbit Restaurant, 3 Smolenskaya square, Moscow

Ranked 71st out of 100 best world's restaurants according to the authoritative British magazine The Restaurants, the "White Rabbit" is a sophisticated Moscow restaurant specializing in the Russian cuisine. But don't expect to find anything traditional there. Even such an iconic dish as borsch is prepared by its open-minded chef Vladimir Mukhin in a new daring way with fried crucians, baked beans and turnip crisps. Take your pick from the restaurant's imaginative menu and enjoy your meal while overlooking a bird's eye panorama of the city.

Vladimir is a fifth-generation cook. He started his career at 12 at his father's restaurant. Then were the years of internship in prestige restaurants in Russia, France, Spain and Japan, the titles of the youngest chef in the Russian Guild of Chefs and the best youngest chef in Russia, a culinary tour in France, and the opening of his own restaurants. Experts admit that Vladimir has his unique gastronomic pattern. He masterfully combines the profound knowledge of Russian cuisine with modern technologies of food processing and is happy to introduce you a new taste of Russia.

Signature: Modern interpretation of the Russian cuisine. Every season Vladimir comes up with innovative ideas to surprise his guests with new variations of original recipes and unexpected combinations of flavors.


Any tour of Russia promises dozens of unforgettable experiences. And if food is your forte, we will be happy to book a table for you in one of this restaurants or plan a theme gourmet tour to Russia.