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Russian History & Culture


Inetersted in the centuries of the development of the largest country on the planet? Want to learn more about the peculiar traditions and culture of Russia? This section of the Travel all Russia blog has some interesting finds for you from Russian holidays and superstitions to historic destinations and important figures.


Russian History & Culture
Russia Day Origins
Did you know that Russia is one of the record-holder countries for the number of national holidays per year? In the past few years, June 12th has become an occasion for national pride as Russians commemorate Russia Day from Moscow to Siberia to the final destination of the Trans-Siberian Railway, Vladivostok. But what are the roots of this remarkable holiday and what exactly do people celebrate?
Great Inventions by Russians
The world’s largest country boasts not only natural and architectural beauty, so when going on a tour to Russia keep in mind that it’s also a proud mother of many famous scientific discoverers, inventors and brightest minds. One might know about the Sputnik or Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of chemical elements but what other interesting creations and scientific discoveries were made by Russians which we use today?
Is Russian Easter Different Than Yours?
While the rest of the world decorated Easter eggs couple of weeks ago, Russians just cracked theirs a few days ago. Unlike the rest of the world, Russians use Julian calendar, often differing from Gregorian. Hence this year Easter day falls on April 8th - the last Sunday. In celebration, today we take a look at the Russian Easter and what traditions are common during this festive period.
Catherine the Great | Russia's Most Iconic Empress
Among all the great women of the planet who have achieved change for the better, it is surely fair to mention one of the most iconic women in Russian history, Empress Catherine the Great. Beyond doubt, she is far and away a legend and a notable Russian leader: the time of her reign is described as the Golden Age of the Russian Empire. In this piece, we would like to pay tribute to the accomplishments of Catherine II and share interesting facts about her life.
Russian Traditions: Maslenitsa or Shrove Tuesday
Golden, round-shaped, sometimes folded, thick or thin with rich and fluffy texture, sweet or savory toppings...yes, you guessed it right - we are talking about pancakes! Couple of days ago many countries around the globe have feasted on delicious pancakes in celebration of Shrove Tuesday also known as Pancake Tuesday or Pancake Day. But did you know that Russians are making a second batch of pancake batter as we speak?
Russian Revolution 1917 Flashback
Ranking among the most transformative political events of the 20th century, the Russian Revolution of 1917 toppled monarchy in Russia, drew the line to the reign of the royal Romanovs, and resulted in the exaltation of the Soviet Union. November 7th, 2017 celebrates 100 years of the October Revolution and here’s a close-up on the sequence of events that led to it with top-notch 360° videos to flash you back in time.