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Why Visit Moscow Kremlin

Travelers sometimes describe the Kremlin as the Eighth Wonder of the World. The historic fortress complex is the principal symbol of Russia that sits on the banks of the Moscow River.

Its origins trace back to the very foundation of Moscow in 1147 when it was a “grad” or fortified settlement surrounded with walls built from wood. Burnt down and rebuilt a several times, the walls were ordered to be upgraded by Ivan III the Great in 1485. The group of Italian architects, the world’s best, decided not to tear them down but to build over them, as a result forming the massive and mighty Kremlin we know today.

The Kremlin walls quickly became an important symbol of Moscow’s importance in the Russian Empire. As the residence of Russian rulers, from tsars to the elite of the Soviet government, to today’s executive branch of the Russian Federation, the Kremlin remains the most giddiness-inducing representation of the country's power today. The Kremlin, interspersed with 20 towers, some literal objects of art, encompassing the country’s most important ceremonies and meetings.

Top Kremlin Attractions

The Kremlin also serves as Moscow's top tourist destination and attracts millions of people every year during its Russian travel journey. There are so many sights to see, from its palace buildings to its places of worship, that the better part of a day should be budgeted in any attempt to view it all. Watch the video below to explore the sight prior your trip with the help of our lovely rep Vera and see the stunning palaces inside of the Kremlin walls.

A good example of just one important sight is Cathedral Square, the fortress’ most breathtakingly beautiful location. Centered here are the limestone-faced Cathedral of the Dormition (the location of imperial coronations), the gilded-domed Cathedral of the Annunciation (personal chapel of the Imperial Family), and the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael (burial location of many of Russia’s tsars).

Another example of impressive places in the Kremlin is what is frequently described as one of Russia’s most important museums, situated at the Armoury Chamber. This is where the country’s most prized collection of artifacts is stored, including its Diamond Fund - the storehouse for gems, jewels, and nuggets that have been collected by the Russian Empire over the century.

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