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Guide to Trans-Siberian Trains


Everything you need to know about Trans-Siberian trains

Doing a Trans-Siberian tour is a dream vacation and experience unlike any other. Why? Trans-Siberian trains ensure that your every need is taken care of. During the trip, you will have a dedicated tour director and attentive train attendants, an entertaining lecture program on board and carefully planned tours during stops. The superior class accommodation in your cozy cabin and the company of fellow travelers to share your impressions from the trip and stories from home make for an unforgettable experience. Browse our selection of Trans-Siberian trains.

Regular Russian Train

Regular Russian Train

Regular Russian trains are the most popular travel option on Russian Railways. Providing top-notch facilities and good value for money, regular overnight trains provide a great opportunity to experience Russia from a local perspective.

Cabin sizes: from 35 ft2 to 54.5 ft2

Special features: 3 travel classes, dining car, an extensive departure schedule

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Golden Eagle train tour

The Golden Eagle Train

The Golden Eagle private train offers the most exquisite Trans-Siberian experience one can imagine. Your trip will be defined by luxury and highest quality service.

Cabin sizes: from 60 ft2 to 120 ft2

Special features: champagne reception, L’Occitane toiletries, first class gourmet dining, 2 dining cars, bar and lounge area

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Tsars Gold Train

Tsar's Gold Train

The Tsar's Gold guarantees the precision, premium service, comfort and punctuality of German arrangements. With a 4+ star rating, Tsar's Gold is a great value alternative to the Golden Eagle.

Cabin sizes: from 45 ft2 to 75 ft2

Special features: oldest private train on Trans-Siberian, 2 dining cars, a lounge zone and bar

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Imperial Russia Train

Imperial Russia Train

The Imperial Russia train offers lavish Trans-Siberian experience for globetrotters of all styles and passions. It is a good quality tourist train with attentive service, we rate it at 4 stars.

Cabin sizes: from 37.6 ft2 to 64.5 ft2

Special features: brand new private train with reduced prices for a first year departures and innovative itineraries, 2 dining cars

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