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Golden Eagle Train

World's Most Luxurious Train

The Golden Eagle Luxury Trans-Siberian Train is a premium train that takes you on a trip through history and beauty across the most fascinating places in Russia, Mongolia and China. All 21 cars of the train are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities guaranteeing a trouble-free and unforgettable journey. Sit back and relax, feel at home with en-suite bathrooms and stylish decorations in each cabin. Highly qualified attendants are at your service 24/7, ready to treat any request. Delve into both the diversity of urban and rural Russian life and the comfort of luxury train while exploring one of the greatest lands in the world. Travel like royalty on the Golden Eagle as it is the only train in Russia unsurpassed in luxury, style and comfort.

Tours including this Golden Eagle Train

Golden Eagle Journey

15 days / Group rail tour
Moscow Kazan Irkutsk Vladivostok
COMPLIMENTARY VISAS Embark on the ultimate Trans-Siberian journey surrounded by 5-star luxury and quality of the premium train, the Golden Eagle.
Rating: 5.00

Naadam Festival

13 days / Group rail tour
Moscow Kazan Irkutsk Ulan Bator
COMPLIMENTARY VISAS From Moscow to Ulan Bator on board Luxury Golden Eagle Train to celebrate the biggest national holiday in Mongolia, the Naadam Festival.
Rating: 4.75

Silk Road Short

13 days / Group rail tour
Moscow Ashgabat Samarkand Tashkent Almaty
Set off on your personal pilgrimage down the ancient legendary trade route - the Silk Road from Moscow to Almaty on the luxurious Golden Eagle train.
Rating: 4.82

Silk Road Classic

21 days / Group rail tour
Moscow Ashgabat Samarkand Tashkent Beijing
21-day luxury rail tour from Moscow to Beijing through the mysterious and magical countries of the Central Asia - this is a thrill of a lifetime.
Rating: 4.88
Silver Cabin

Enjoy all the en-suite amenities as Gold Class Cabins: two convertible berths (lower and upper), bathroom, DVD/CD player, LCD screen TV, underfloor heating and air-conditioning. There are 6 Silver Class Cabins per carriage, at 60 sq ft each. Highly qualified and friendly attendants are at your service with complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Luxury, comfort and value all in one.

Number of guests: 2
Size: 60 ft²
Gold Cabin

Enjoy privacy and space with 5 Gold Class compartments per car. Take advantage of en-suite amenities such as power shower, DVD/CD player and an LCD screen TV. Enjoy underfloor heating and control temperature in your cabin with private air-conditioning. Upper and lower berths maximize space at night while during the day you can fold out the lower berth into a comfortable sofa.

Number of guests: 2
Size: 77 ft²