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Best Small Group Tours in Russia

We organize the best small group tours to Russia. We pioneered this kind of tours in 2010 in fact. Live in upscale hotels, explore Russia with its best guides and celebrate your journey with your new friends from your small group of up to 14 travelers. All this at half of the price you would pay for a private tour. All this without having to wait for dozens of other people. Small group tours are booked up far in advance and your complimentary Russian visa processing makes planning your getaway even simpler, so contact us today!

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Small Group Tour Vacation Packages

The joys of travel are always far more exciting when you have someone to share them with! Traveling with a group of friends or like-minded globe-trotters provides the opportunity to share amazing moments and create long-lasting memories together from your trip to Russia. Together with an intimate group of up to 12-14 people, you will take part in exceptional activities, enjoy numerous guided sightseeing tours, visit spectacular marvels of nature, and other wonderful sights. You might even find the company for your next adventure abroad!

Small Group Tour Highlights

  • Comprehensive guided tours
  • Sightseeing the hidden gems
  • Authentic activities
  • Group meals together with fellow travelers
  • Private group transfers if required
  • Carefully planned day tours

Tips for Small Group Travel

  • Make sure to pack comfortable and warm clothing as the weather can often be unpredictable. Comfortable footwear is advisable
  • Having some local currency on hand while traveling abroad is always a good idea; it can be useful for tipping at restaurants and other small expenses. Local currency in Russia is the Rouble
  • Tipping is optional yet appreciated; thus, feel free to leave up to 10-15% of the bill if you enjoyed the service

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