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Museums & Theaters


Among Russia's indisputable riches are, without a doubt, culture and artistic talent. Being the motherland of ballet, such venues as Moscow's Bolshoi or St. Petersburg's Mariinsky are certainly not to be missed. And it goes without saying that the treasures of Russian museums, for example, those of the legendary Hermitage Museum set in the royal Romanov's Winter Palace, will surely become a highlight of your trip!


Museums & Theaters
Tretyakov Gallery: Treasure Trove of Russian Art
Visiting the marvelous Russian capital and are in two minds how to enrich your experience? There's no doubt that your acquaintance with Russia will be incomplete without immersing into its incomparable art and culture so, while in Moscow, don't miss the chance to explore the legend - the gallery that, previously being a small private collection, turned into the most famous depositary of Russian art on the planet. Welcome to the State Tretyakov Gallery!
10 Things You Didn't Know About the Hermitage
There's much more to the Hermitage Museum that its outstanding collection of artwork. For starters, it is one of the greatest and most recognizable landmarks of St. Petersburg, housed in the gorgeous Winter Palace which once belonged to Russian Tsars. But what else is so unique about it? Let’s take a closer look.
Hidden Stalin Bunkers & Soviet Secrets You Didn't Know About
The underground is indeed a place with a mysterious side: be it a natural cave, dungeon, crypt or winding manmade catacombs. Yet the hideaways created by humans in the atomic age keep many secrets. In this piece, we take a closer look at the secret bunkers built in the Soviet times which exist today.
Amazing Fabergé Eggs
Everybody knows something or at least once heard about Fabergé eggs. These small wonders are among the most expensive jewelry in the world and are a popular must-visit during Russia tours. Carl Fabergé produced a variety of jewelry, but it was eggs that made him renowned for ages. So, what’s their history and why was an egg shape chosen for these incredibly expensive treasures?
Top 7 Russian Palaces
There’s not need to mention, that Russia has rich history and poses enormous treasures which makes discovering the country quite an enthralling process. But if you want to immerse into the epoch of pompous court receptions and to witness the grandeur of Imperial Russia during your tour to Russia, here’s a list of Top 7 Palaces that Russia is fiercely proud of.
Russian Theaters: World's Best Opera & Ballet
It’s no secret that Russia is immensely rich in heritage, culture, and talent. Only in St. Petersburg alone there are over 185 theaters! Opera and ballet enthusiasts should definitely treat themselves to an unforgettable experience of seeing at least one masterpiece of Russian classical opera and ballet on the world’s top-notch stages. Here is a list of the finest opera and ballet theaters to make your tour to Russia even more incredible.