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Tsar's Gold Train


Meet the Tsar’s Gold - a private Trans-Siberian train famous for its attentive service, opulent dining menu, spacious and comfortable compartments and facilities to cater to every need. The Tsar's Gold offers unbeatable comfort, fulfilment and luxury at a great price. There are 6 types of compartments available: from Family cabins shared between 4 travelers to ultra luxurious Platinum cabins for 2 with private showers to Nostalgic cabins with decor inspired by 1950s Soviet sleeping cars. Being a luxury Trans-Siberian train, Tsar's Gold is all about experiences: you will have a dedicated tour director throughout your entire journey. Daily onboard classes on Russian history and language will keep you entertained during your pan-continental commute, and select local guides will be taking you on city tours during your stops. The Tsar's Gold Trans-Siberian train tour is truly a once-in-a-lifetime journey! 

Tours including this Tsar's Gold Train

Tsar's Gold Trans-Siberian

Moscow Kazan Irkutsk Ulan Bator Beijing
COMPLIMENTARY VISAS First private train to operate on Trans-Siberian route. Tsar's Gold provides all inclusive itinerary and top-notch quality.
Rating: 4.90
Classic Cabin

Classic cabins offer slightly less space with 9 cabins per car, shared toilet facilities at each end of the cars, and a shower in every second compartment. However, this configuration entails a more social atmosphere and above-standard comfort and high value.

Number of guests: 2
Size: 45 ft²
Superior Cabin

The Classic Plus category offers convenient accommodation for 2 travelers with standard beds and shower available in every second car. There are 8 cabins per and shared bathrooms at each end of the car.

Number of guests: 2
Size: 45 ft²
Nostalgic Cabin

The Nostalgic Cabin is our special choice. Let us make your indoor time an adventure in itself with interior design inspired by 1950s Soviet sleeping cars. Step back in time in style and luxury of former Soviet leaders. Travelers who seek for unique experience should definitely choose this cabin, as it is all about creating the right ambiance for your railway journey. With all the basic amenities and two comfortable beds, this cabin has it all. Less space, more value, and equal comfort with these nostalgic cars entails 8 cabins per car with bathrooms shared between each two compartments.

Number of guests: 2
Size: 45 ft²
Bolshoi Cabin

Bolshoi Cabins rival the Platinum class in comfort and service. To maximize both value and luxury there is added extra space in comparison to lower cabin categories. Enjoy a lower cost and equal amenities to the Platinum including an en suite bathroom, a lower bed spacious enough to accommodate two and just 6 cabins per car. Privacy, value and luxury all in one.

Number of guests: 2
Size: 65 ft²
Platinum Cabin

Platinum Cabins offer the most luxurious and comfortable amenities and the utmost of privacy throughout the whole trip with a separate shower and comfortable beds for 2 passengers. More comfort and more space means less people with only 5 cabins per car. Share stories with fellow travelers or rest in the private luxury of a flat panel LCD TV, in-cabin self-controlled air-conditioning and a wardrobe. Let the captivating landscapes unfold outside the panoramic windows and don't hesitate to order coffee, tea and light snacks served directly to your cabin by your dedicated train attendants.

Number of guests: 2
Size: 75 ft²