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Russian Theaters: World's Best Opera & Ballet

It’s no secret that Russia is immensely rich in heritage, culture, and talent. Only in St. Petersburg alone there are over 185 theaters! Opera and ballet enthusiasts should definitely treat themselves to an unforgettable experience of seeing at least one masterpiece of Russian classical opera and ballet on the world’s top-notch stages. Here is a list of the finest opera and ballet theaters to make your tour to Russia even more incredible.

Why visit Russia in 2018?

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is right around the corner, being one of the main reasons why thousands of travelers are extremely excited to visit Russia in the upcoming year! The athletic atmosphere is expected to be eye-poppingly delightful and with a total of 11 city-hosts to travel to across the country here’s what to enjoy as you travel Russia in 2018!

Russia Northern Lights Alternative

Northern lights, Aurora Borealis, polar lights, nature’s magnificent light show - no matter what you call it or how you describe it, this magical phenomenon is something to see with your own eyes at least once in a lifetime! The colorful display is possible to be seen above the frigid Arctic Circle regions in the Northern Hemisphere, but could it be that the perfect destination to go on a northern lights tour isn’t even in Scandinavia?

Russian superstitions that are out of this world

Not all Russians are superstition fanatics, yet many follow traditional beliefs in their daily routines (sometimes even unintentionally). Passed down for many generations, there are some beliefs in the mindset of a Russian that may seem odd, to say the least, to a foreigner. Surprisingly, many superstitions have made it to our days, and here are some superstitions, odd traditions and strange customs you should know about before going on a tour to Russia.

Which is the best Russian River Cruise?

Picking the perfect ship and travel company for your cruise in Russia can indeed be challenging, especially if it is your first cruise experience. After some research you've probably already noticed that there are many great cruise lines operating on the Russian waterways, but they all seem to offer similar routes and services. To help you see the difference and save your time choosing the best option for you, we've laid out answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our travelers about Russia's River cruises.


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