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Our private Trans-Siberian trains are like all-inclusive cruises across Eurasia

Crossing Eurasia with a Trans-Siberian tour is a hallmark of every discerned globetrotter. This one-of-a-kind travel experience is unlike any other, combining the luxury and wistfulness of railway journey with extensive travel and unique cultural immersion. Though from fear of a lack of comfort to the extensive time spent traveling one may opt for something else.

However, luxury private trains ensure that more than every need is taken care of and the luxury of the experience is something that may surprise you. Travel on one of these trains is comfortable and of a luxury that surpasses some hotels! You will have a dedicated tour director and attentive train attendants, an entertaining lecture program on board and carefully planned tours during stops. This is complete organization and seamless travel. The superior class accommodation in your cozy cabin and the company of fellow travelers to share your impressions from the trip and stories from home make for an unforgettable experience. Browse the options below to explore the details of each private train tour, each differing in style of luxury and sights explored, or continue here to browse other luxury Trans-Siberian tours.

Imperial Russia


Unmatched in comfort and value, the Imperial Russia train is a lavish Trans-Siberian experience for globetrotters of all styles and passions. With prices starting from $4,999 for a 12-day tour this train is our #1 recommendation.

Golden Eagle


Leave your worries behind and enter our most luxurious trains. The vast beauty and mystery of Siberia lie ahead. Sit back and relax as you embark on an unforgettable experience with a dedicated staff and tour director to take care of your every need.

Tsar's Gold


A true home on wheels, the Tsar's Gold guarantees the precision, luxury service, comfort and punctuality of German arrangements. The Tsar's Gold competes with the best in luxury and probably offers the best value programs in the segment of luxury Trans-Siberian travel.

Grand Trans-Siberian Express


Come aboard the Grand Trans-Siberian Express, the oldest of all trains on the Trans-Siberian route. Offering the luxury and solitude of a private charter, take-in the Siberia and Mongolia without distraction and full of excitement on the legendary Trans-Mongolian railway.