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Want to travel to Russia but not sure where to start? Travel to Russia is a little more complicated than going to Dominican Republic or France: 1) Russia is far away; 2) Russia is cold; 3) you will need a visa to travel to Russia.

The Best Time for Flying to Russia

There are few flights, so airfares fluctuate depending on seasons (New York - Moscow flight is $450 - $1200). It's cheapest to Travel to Russia in November, March and late August and most expensive during summers.

Weather in Russia

Next to consider when planning your travel to Russia is temperature. Russia is most beautiful in winter. After all, it is a northern country (coldest in the world actually) that spends 8/12 months in winter and knows how to make the most of it. If you travel to Russia in winter, you can save lots of money & expect a better service, & get to do many fun things, such as troika rides. If you don't like cold, your safer bet is to travel to Russia next summer.

Don't try to fool the weather and travel to Russia in inter-seasons. You might be in for a big surprise. Of course your will travel to Russia for different reasons than Napoleon, but you should know that snowing starts in October and ends in April! Or you could just ask your travel agent who is helping you to organize your travel to Russia to ensure that you spend as little time as possible in the snow.

Now that you've settled with the best time to travel to Russia, you can continue preparing for your journey by reading our helpful Russia travel tips or by contacting our destination experts online for a free consultation. We will be happy to help you plan a journey to Russia you will remember for years to come.