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Russia Golden Ring Tours

Interested in a deeper immersion into Russia's history and culture? Explore the world's largest country from the inside, setting off on a Golden Ring tour! During the journey, you'll get a unique chance to learn more about the country's origin and feel true Russian soul visiting such historically prominent hubs as Suzdal, Sergiev Posad, Vladimir, Rostov, and Yaroslavl. All of these ancient towns have preserved a lot of vestiges of the most important events in the history of Russia, thus being the embodiment of the nation's rich legacy. And, not without a reason, these towns have been called "open-air museums" for their unique monuments of Russian architecture including kremlins, monasteries, and churches, that feature Russian famous onion domes. Start your Golden Ring exploration with a professionally planned itinerary and included Russian visa processing and get inspired by majestic Russia!
Interested in a deeper immersion into Russia's history and culture? Explore the world's largest country from the inside, setting off on a Golden Ring tour, visiting Suzdal, Sergiev Posad, Vladimir, Rostov, and Yaroslavl!

Golden Ring Trip Packages

Set off on an adventure along the Golden Ring route in Russia and enjoy a truly unforgettable traveling experience! Taking you through mind-boggling sceneries, picture-perfect sights, authentic towns and villages, and other attractions, the Golden Ring trips also take you to such must-visit cities in Russia as Moscow, Suzdal, Yaroslavl, and Vladimir. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get acquainted with not only the picturesque sceneries but eventful history and one-of-a-kind culture as well. However, coming up with the perfect itinerary for such a journey might become a headache; therefore, leave all the worries of planning to our team of experienced destination specialists and enjoy the untroubled Golden Ring tour.

Golden Ring Tour Highlights

Feel the soul of Russia by going on a Golden Ring tour and visiting historical towns.

Learn which towns of the Golden Ring route are must-see and which sights are the most significant for Russian culture. Customize your perfect itinerary together with our destination specialist.

Golden Ring Tour Highlights
  • Tretyakov Gallery
  • Exploring Moscow
  • Tour of Suzdal & Vladimir
  • Visiting Yaroslavl & Rostov
  • Tatar Cooking Master Class
  • Kazan Sightseeing
  • The Trinity Lavra, Sergiev Posad
  • Discovering Golden Ring monasteries
  • Historical Kremlins
  • UNESCO Heritage Sites

Tips for Golden Ring Travel

Read our expert tips and be perfectly prepared for your Golden Ring itinerary.

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  • What to pack

    Make sure to pack warm and comfortable clothing, as well as a waterproof jacket, and an umbrella.

  • Language

    Most Russia citizens do not speak English, learning a few phrases would give you an advantage.

  • Currency

    You might also want to have some local currency on hand; the local in Russia is Rubles.

  • How much to tip

    Tipping is optional; however, it's considered good etiquette to tip 10%-15% of your bill.

  • Climate

    The average summer temperature is approx 18°C (64°F), and winter is around -6°C (22°F).

  • Souvenirs

    Some of the most popular souvenirs from the Golden Ring are wood carvings, and shawls.

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