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Happy Birthday, Hermitage!

State Hermitage marks its 250th anniversary

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The biggest museum in Russia and one of the most revered art exhibitions in the world, the State Hermitage, marks its 250th anniversary. Happy B-day!


This weekend, on December 7th, a huge crowd gathered on the Palace Square of St. Petersburg and witnessed a huge 3D mapping projection on the walls of the Winter Palace (one of the main building housing Hermitage collections). The show called "The Ball of History" demonstrated the finest works of art from the Hermitage collection and main events from the museum's history accompanied by the classical music masterpieces.

Watch The Hermitage Revealed movie trailer below.


The official celebrations will continue until Dec 9th. However, there is a handful of ambitious plans and events for the future. In honor of the anniversary, the Hermitage will host various unique exhibitions, including the one with the great works lent by the British Museum. Moreover, future plans include a massive renovation project and construction of a new building.

The State Hermitage is amazing and is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Next year promises to be another groundbreaking period in museum's history. However, seeing the entire collection of the Hermitage on your own may take a lifetime. We will be happy to show you the best of its artworks with our experienced and knowledgeable guide. Browse award-winning tours to Russia