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About Baku

About Baku

Baku has long been loved by tourists as this magnificent ancient city always leaves a truly indelible impression. Beautiful at any time of the year, it invites everyone to plunge into the charming atmosphere of South Caucasus.

Baku Itinerary

We kindly suggest starting your Baku itinerary by exploring some masterpieces of Azerbaijani material culture. As such, pay a visit to the Carpet Museum, its exhibits always thrill and delight any visitor's eyes. By the way, the museum is not all about wicker canvas and floor coverings, it also boasts a collection of crockery, medieval metal works of the 14th century, and even Bronze Age jewelry.

To plunge into unusual and unique Caucasian history and culture, see the Maiden Tower (an absolute must-visit during any Baku sightseeing tour). The collection of the tower's epics and mysteries even became a basis for numerous theatrical plays and ballet scenarios. Interestingly, no one knows the exact reasons why the tower was built and why this very design was chosen.

Some legends glorify a red-haired girl who is said to have rescued Baku's people from slavery. Experts say it's even hard to connect Maiden Tower with any particular religion. But such an enigma only adds charm, agree?

Moreover, it used to be a lighthouse in the XIX century, and now it holds a museum within its walls. Like everywhere else in the Caucasus, a good meal is a sacred thing in Baku. So if you'll ever feel peckish during a Baku journey, check out such local treats as Qutab, sturgeon kebab, or pilaf.

You may also explore the Yasil Bazar to pick some juicy fruit, aroma herbs, or exotic spices. Indeed, visiting any Asian city without an outing to a bazaar (this ancient word means “marketplace” or “fair”) would mean losing a precious chance to see the color of the Orient, feel its spirit, and get unique things to bring back home.

Also, make sure not to miss out on the old town of Baku, called Icheri Sheher, as well as check out the Shirvans Palace and the Juma Mosque, finishing your day with a relaxing stroll along the Baku Bay promenade.

Best Things to Do in Baku

  • Explore one of the city's symbols, the Maiden Tower
  • Enjoy the visit to the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum
  • See the medieval highlights of Baku Old Town, including the Palace of the Shirvanshahs
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