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About Goritsy

About Goritsy

A picturesque and tranquil river town can be found in Russia. The village of Goritsy is located on the banks of a Volga tributary with a little river port, making it worth exploring its medieval atmosphere to dive into this small charming community's simplicity. A famous Russian writer compared Goritsy to the Egyptian desert, calling it "the North Thebais," which is a parallel to how early Christian hermits lived. This analogy reflects many monasteries and monks' spiritual lives in this area today. A short visit here has an intense effect on visitors even now due to its atmosphere. 

This small town has an incredible church worth exploring. The Church of the Transfiguration is only part of the Monastery of St. Cyril on White Lake, which occupies a large area by it and is surrounded by high walls surrounding them all around too. When you visit Goritsy, make sure to check out the pier. From this vantage point, everyone can admire all of the sights and sounds that surround them in this beautiful town. Another place everyone should visit is Goritsky Monastery, which sits on the picturesque bank of the Sheksna River. This monastery has a very interesting history behind it because many nuns ended their earthly journey there. It was originally built as an outpost fortress to protect Novgorod from Swedish and Germanic invaders in 1228AD but now serves as a convent for women who belong to princely families with deep roots throughout Russia's history.


Must Be Seen in Goritsy:

  • Explore Kirillo-Belozerskiy monastery
  • Admire the magnificent landscapes of Northern Russia with its hills, forests, and lakes on your way to the monastery
  • Make some memorable photos of Goritsy Nunnery on the banks of the broad Skeksna River
  • Get inspired by the stunning Volga River panoramas