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Reasons to travel to Murmansk

Murmansk is a large port city located in the furthest northwestern part of Russia. Without a doubt, this great destination is a step off the beaten path, inviting you to explore the city by day while seeking Northern Lights at night.

Did you know that even though Murmansk is one of the coldest cities on the planet, the port stays ice-free due to warm streams? This is one of the reasons why Murmansk plays a major role for Russia and is the biggest city north of the Arctic Circle, with a population of more than 30,0000 people.

There are several interesting sites to see when you visit Murmansk. As such, your Murmansk itinerary should include a visit to the mighty Alesha Memorial which honors the defenders of the area in the Great Patriotic War. It is also worth checking out the Church of Christ the Savior on Water as well as the Kursk Submarine memorial. Most of these are of newer date, as Murmansk became a city in 1916 and was the last city founded in the Russian Empire.

There's no denying that no Murmansk tour would be complete without a visit to the fascinating museum ship, the Nuclear Icebreaker Lenin. Here you can explore the worlds first Nuclear-powered icebreaker with a guide and immerse yourself in this impressive vessel, that has carved its way to the North-Pole numerous times.

If you choose to travel to Murmansk in the wintertime, be in mind that you may come across polar nights, meaning you will barely see the sun. Can you imagine that every year for a period of 30 to 40 days Murmansk has completely no daylight? Likewise, if you come during the summer months, you will barely not experience dark nights due to the Midnight Sun when there is daylight for almost 24 hours.

Those planning to go to this city shouldn't worry as any Murmansk itinerary can be complemented with a broad range of fun activities to keep you entertained from dog sledding, snowmobile riding and meeting the Saami people, to Murmansk city tours and historic sites.

Best Things to Do in Murmansk

  • Explore the most iconic Murmansk site, the Nuclear Icebreaker Lenin
  • Stop by the Alesha Memorial, an important and well recognized city symbol
  • Try your luck in seeking the Northern Lights as you travel above the Arctic Circle
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This tour gives you the unique opportunity to see the scenic Russian winter covering the renowned capitals, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In between these two cities, you are offered to see unbelievable Murmansk and its scenic surroundings.

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Discover the majestic Russian winter as you explore its two brilliant capitals, the inspiring Karelia region and make your way north to witness the dazzling Northern Lights.

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Immerse yourself in a winter fairytale as you set off on a journey on board the luxurious Golden Eagle train to explore the Arctic and Northern Lights.

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