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Petrozavodsk, Russia

Petrozavodsk, Russia

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About Petrozavodsk

About Petrozavodsk

Located in the northwestern part of Russia, Petrozavodsk is definitely a place worth visiting as part of a Russia tour. The city is situated right on the western shore of Lake Onega (the second largest lake in Europe) and is the capital of Karelia.

The location of the city is indeed amazing for traveling all around Russia, as it is approximately 250 miles northeast of St. Peterburg and Moscow is just 600 miles away!

Petrozavodsk was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great to house an iron foundry during the Great Northern War between Russia and Sweden. By 1717 it had become the biggest settlement in Karelia and ever since then, the cultural heritage grew as the town developed.

Reasons to travel to Petrozavodsk

Nowadays, the shell of a grey industrial city is long gone, as this culturally vivid place is now full of landmarks and history. Interestingly, Petrozavodsk has the status of the historic city of Russia, home to multiple museums, theaters, and other places of interest to attract travelers from around the globe.

During your Petrozavodsk sightseeing tour, make sure to take a walk through the open-air museum at the Onega Embankment and see the statue of Emperor Peter the Great or visit the National Archive of the Republic of Karelia, founded back in 1918.

Another thing definitely worth adding to your Petrozavodsk itinerary is a day trip to Kizhi Island, where the historical Kizhi Pogost site is located. Did you know, that it is actually included in the Unesco list of World Heritage Sites?

Upon arrival, you will spot the spectacular 22-domed Transfiguration Church, but while walking on the site you will also see the authentic Russian wooden houses that are worth checking out as well. By the way, you can actually take a hovercraft transfer to the island if the weather conditions are good!

Summing up, Petrozavodsk travel well-worth considering as the natural beauty of Karelia paired with the authenticity of Russian traditions intertwining with the European atmosphere is something to see for yourself.

Best Things to Do in Petrozavodsk

  • Explore the open-air museum at the Onega Embankment
  • See the statue of Emperor Peter the Great in Petrozavodsk
  • Set off on a trip to see the glorious nature of Karelia
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