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Sheki, Azerbaijan

Sheki, Azerbaijan

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About Sheki

About Sheki

The only sound of this city's name sort of implies the fact that it is going to shake your imagination. And this is absolutely true. Located in the southern foothills of the Greater Caucasus, Sheki steals even the most sophisticated hearts with the majesty of its snowy peaks, life-giving mineral springs, and a big number of architectural monuments.

Reasons to travel to Sheki

Are you ready to experience a series of incredible emotions from silent admiration to the strong desire to plunge into another historical era? Let's take a closer look at some must-sees which should be part of your Sheki travel. Sheki became widely known for the development of crafts in this area.

Local craftsmen made pottery and were known for their high-quality silk weaving, tailoring craft, carpentry, and blacksmithing. The fame of the Sheki masters spread far beyond Azerbaijan borders, as such, Sheki jewelers were popular among the rich and the noblemen as they created splendid accessories and decorative items for their whole families.

By the way, if you fancy exploring how the everyday life of the Azerbaijan noble class looked like, don't miss out on The Palace of Sheki Khans (an interesting place to spice up your Sheki itinerary). This is a two-story building with unusual trellised frames on the facade.

The palace visitors are always impressed with Shabaka, multi-colored glasses of a small size. Shabaka-windows are a special trick of Azerbaijani masters, and what is really stunning is that all of them were made without using glue or nails. Are you planning to not just see the sights but to store up with fresh energy and health during your Sheki trip?

Then consider staying at one of the many resort complexes of the area, such as Marxal, where you can find salt cabins, mud baths, therapeutic sand studious, and even an amber room which entirely made of the organic semi-precious stone, widely known for its healing properties.

Music lovers will find Sheki an interesting spot thanks to the annual music festivals held in the city. One of them is the Mugam Festival. Mugam is Azerbaijani classical music characterized by a wealth of images. Experts say that Mugam is an entire universe which today fuses with other musical genres, like jazz, for example, and such an exotic mixture attracts listeners from all over.

For sure, the list of Sheki's beauties may be extended endlessly, but it's an open secret that a personal look is always better than hundreds of the words heard or read. Still eager to discover the alluring Caucasus? We believe you can surely include a Sheki tour to your holiday plans.

Best Things to Do in Sheki

  • Get amazed by the fancy patterns of the Palace of Sheki Khans
  • Learn more of the regions history, visiting the Albanian Church and Sheki Castle
  • Get the wonderful taste of Azerbaijan national cuisine
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