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About Sortavala

About Sortavala

Russia is the biggest world country that sprawls over one-ninth of the Earth's landmass. 16 borderlines, 11 time zones, dozens of ethnic groups, and confessions – life is not enough to explore all its wits and wonders.

Today, we kindly invite you to follow the northwestern wind. Discover Karelia – the picturesque Russian corner on the frontier with Finland. It is a lovely place to make a perky family trip or travel around loosely enjoying calmness and solitude in a hermit-like style.

Reasons to Travel to Sortavala

We highly recommend you to start your Karelian quest with a nice place called Sortavala. The town has a rich history – at different points in time, it was a part of Sweden, the Russian Empire, and Finland. During World War II, Sortavala became a part of the Soviet Union. It is a cozy Russian locality between the famous Saint-Petersburg and Petrozavodsk (the latter is a center of the Karelia region).

Sortavala itinerary is often connected with visits to Valaam. Steam-ships and hydrofoil speedboats bring tourists from Sortavala's main wharf to the scenic island known as the place of pilgrimage. The town itself is notable for its elegant architecture – notorious Finnish masters constructed some of its banks, school buildings, and railway stations.

Sortavala tour is impossible without reference to Nicholas Roerich (Rerikh), a remarkable Russian artist. He did 200 paintings during his 2-years stay in the town. Roerich arrived here due to his medical status, and to this very day, doctors still recommend Sortavala as a good spa-resort for people with lung diseases.

Sortavala travel often includes the presentation of Kronid Gogolev`s art – his numerous wood carvings earned him a world-known celebrity. 11 hotels are welcoming Sartavala visitors here, for example, within the famous “Blue Highway” route. Sometimes people wonder what the town`s name means.

Well, according to one legend, “Sortavala” is translated from Finnish as “Devil`s Force.” It adds some zesty flavor to the peaceful resort location, doesn`t it? Check out your schedule – it`s high time to plan your Sortavala travel!

Best Things to Do in Sortavala

  • Take in the beauty of gorgeous Karelian nature
  • Explore the historic archipelago of Valaam
  • Take a walk around the peaceful streets of Sortavala
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