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About Sortavala

About Sortavala

Reasons to Travel to Sortavala

Russia is the biggest world country that sprawls over one ninth of the Earth's landmass. 16 borderlines, 11 time zones, dozens of ethnic groups and confessions – a life is not enough to explore all its wits and wonders.

Today we kindly invite you to follow the northwestern wind. Discover Karelia – the picturesque Russian corner on the frontier with Finland. It is a lovely place either to make a perky family trip or to travel around loosely enjoying calmness and solitude in a hermit-like style.

We highly recommend you to start your Karelian quest with a nice place called Sortavala. The town has a rich history – at different points of time it was the part of Sweden, the Russian Empire and Finland. During World War II Sortavala became a part of the Soviet Union and now it is a cozy Russian locality placed between famous Saint-Petersburg and Petrozavodsk (the latter is a center of Karelia region).

Sortavala itinerary is often connected with visits to Valaam. Steam-ships and hydrofoil speedboats bring tourists from Sortavala main wharf to the scenic island known as the place of pilgrimage. The town itself is notable for its elegant architecture – some of its banks, school buildings and railway stations were constructed by notorious Finnish masters.

Sortavala tour is impossible without reference to Nicholas Roerich (Rerikh), a remarkable Russian artist. He did 200 paintings during his 2-years stay in the town. Roerich arrived here due to his medical status and to this very day doctors still recommend Sortavala as a good spa-resort for people with lung diseases.

Sortavala travel often includes the presentation of Kronid Gogolev`s art – his numerous wood carvings earned him a world-known celebrity. There are 11 hotels welcoming Sartavala visitors who come here, for example, within famous “Blue Highway” route. Sometimes people wonder what the town`s name means.

Well, according to one legend “Sortavala” is translated from Finnish as “Devil`s Force”. It adds some zesty flavor to the peaceful resort location, doesn`t it? Check out your schedule – it`s high time to plan your Sortavala travel!

Best Things to Do in Sortavala

  • Take in the beauty of gorgeous Karelian nature
  • Explore the historic archipelago of Valaam
  • Take a walk around the peaceful streets of Sortavala
Best Tours to Sortavala

Best Tours to Sortavala

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