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Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

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About Tbilisi

About Tbilisi

The city of Tbilisi, situated between three mountains on the banks of river Mtkvari River, is the capital of Georgia.

The city was founded by King Vakhtang I Gorgasali in the mid-5th century AD upon discovery of an impressively hot spring, hence the name "Tbilisi" origins from the Georgian word "tbili" which means "warm".

Must-See Attractions in Tbilisi

One of the most important sights you can stumble upon in the Georgian capital is the ancient district of Abanotubani, famous for its one-of-a-kind sulfuric baths.

This must-see of a place is believed to be the landing location of the King of Iberia's Falcon which is the reason why the King discovered the healing hot springs and therefore makes the sulfuric bath area unofficial symbol of the city.

The Old Town of Tbilisi does not lack famous landmarks too. The tour of the city could begin with the Narikala Fortress, also referred to as "the mother of Tbilisi".

The fortress built back in the 4th century was known for its strong walls that withstood many invaders, however, couldn't resist the 1827 earthquake, which has ruined many of its walls and towers.

Another stunning attraction of the capital is the Metekhi Church, overlooking the Mtkvari River. The fascinating sight, renowned in the 12th century is an example of a domed Georgian Orthodox church.

There is so much more to learn about the heart of Georgia. Discover the city, which Pushkin describes as 'the fabulous land'!

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Best Things to Do in Tbilisi

  • Discover the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi
  • Get the taste of the exceptional Georgian cuisine
  • Take a stroll around Tbilisi Old Town
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Top Attractions in Tbilisi

Top Attractions in Tbilisi

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All Attractions in Tbilisi