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Uglich, Russia

Uglich, Russia

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About Uglich

About Uglich

Why Visit Uglich

Unique Uglich is a place that reveals a different trait of Russia's character. Russia river cruises invite you to make a journey from the noisy and bustling metropolises like Moscow and St. Petersburg to the quiet, authentic, and homelike town of Uglich. Many significant historical events left their imprint on the town, turning Uglich into the point of touristic interest. You'll be surprised by how many attractions such a small town can house! Despite such popularity, Uglich manages to remain a lovely and peaceful place on Russia's land.

Did you know that Uglich is one of the oldest towns in Russia? The results of archeological researches affirm that a settlement, situated at the place of the Uglich Kremlin, existed almost since the beginning of the Christian era! In fact, it is the best Uglich attraction to start your acquaintance with the town.

Shrouded in rich history, Uglich witnessed some truly dramatic events, which brought the whole country to the Times of Troubles. In 1591 the younger son of Ivan the Terrible, Prince Dmitry, was murdered here at the age of 10. Later, by the order of the Romanov Tsars, Uglich was turned into a place of pilgrimage, and, to commemorate young Prince Dmitry's victim, the Church of St. Dmitry-on-Blood was built in 1690. Such a sad story standing in contrast with the colorful exteriors of this red ensemble, indeed, makes the church a unique landmark. Plus, the complex is situated on the scenic banks of the Volga River providing stunning panoramas!

Moreover, the town is home to one of the oldest religious establishments in Russia, the 17th-century Alekseevsky Monastery, along with the beautiful golden-domed Resurrection Monastery, that is defined to be on your Uglich itinerary as well.

Laced with touching history, located at the picturesque banks of the Volga River, ancient but well-preserved Uglich is an ideal way to make your Russia tour contrasting and many-sided.

Must Be Seen in Uglich

  • Behold the legendary Church of St. Dmitry-on-the-Blood
  • Experience the town's centuries-long life having a tour of Uglich museums
  • Make some memorable photos of Uglich Kremlin
  • Get inspired by the stunning Volga River panoramas
All Attractions in Uglich

All Attractions in Uglich