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About Valaam

About Valaam

Only when you set foot on the lands of Balaam, it's as if you get into another world! The vast waters of Ladoga, the boundless sky, a scattering of large and small islands… And a calm silence. The island of Valaam is a unique nature reserve with steep cliffs, bays, and quiet lakes. The Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery there has an impressive architectural ensemble that you should not forget to take your binoculars for viewing the many bird species who live in this area including swans and storks.

Valaam Island is famous for its architectural ensemble of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery where visitors can enjoy scenic views while walking around admiring the beauty it holds inside such as painted ceilings from 16th-century Russian artists like Simon Ushakov or frescoes by Andrei Rublev among others all contributed towards making this monastery one outstandingly beautiful place worth visiting. The most famous bridge of the archipelago is Vladimirsky. It connects fr. Valaam with the second largest island — Skitsky. The Vladimir Bridge is made of bricks made on the Valaam. On each 100th brick, there is a sign-VM (Valaam monastery) and the year of the bookmark. Wonderful views and landscapes that fill the heart with peace are opened from Eleon Mountain - this is the highest point of the island (30 m). A chapel with 5 chapters in the Russian style, as well as viewing platforms, is built on the top. 


Must Be Seen in Valaam

  • Explore the Valaam Monastery
  • Immerse yourself into the most beautiful landscapes from the Eleon
  • Delve into the atmosphere of blooming gardens and a pleasant smell
  • Get inspired by the stunning Volga River panoramas