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Veliky Novgorod, Russia

Veliky Novgorod, Russia

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About Veliky Novgorod

About Veliky Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod, also known as Novgorod the Great, is one of Russia's oldest cities, founded in the 9th century. What makes it even more attractive for tourists and valuable for Russian history is the number of medieval monuments that were preserved and have made it to our days.

Why Travel to Veliky Novgorod

The city's history is closely connected with all the major stages of the development of the country. In the times when the statehood of Rus was just in the forming stage, Novgorod citizens invited the Scandinavian prince Rurik to take care of the local law and order, whose dynasty ruled over Russia's vast lands for over 750 years.

Best Places to Visit in Veliky Novgorod

Novgorod's main highlight, St. Sophia Cathedral, which was originally built in the 11th century, is probably the oldest structure in the city still in use. Its stone walls, 5 helmet-like domes, and other features of original Russian architecture make it a recognizable sight. Whereas Novgorod's Kremlin is famous for its UNESCO-listed Chamber of the Facets, dating back to the 15th century. It is the oldest Kremlin in Russia, mentioned as early as 1044.

Other highlights of Veliky Novgorod include historical monuments from the reign of Mstislav the Great: the Yaroslav's Court, the Yuriev Monastery, and the Antoniev Monastery. Each contains dauntingly beautiful cathedrals. In the St. Nicholas Cathedral of the Yaroslav's Court, you have a great chance to appreciate the beauty of the original frescoes of Mstislav's family.

The three awe-inspiring 12th-century cathedrals in the Yuriev Monastery were built with the help of Mstislav's son, Vsevolod. The typically stunning orthodox-style three-domed cathedral in the Antoniev Monastery was built on orders from Anthony of Rome and contains original frescoes from the middle ages.

Another exciting sight set along the Volkhov River is the Museum of Wooden Architecture. Created in 1964, its exhibition includes over 20 wooden churches, houses, and mills dating back to the 14th and 19th centuries transported from all over the Novgorod region.

Not many people know that a minor planet 3799 Novgorod, which was discovered by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Stepanovich Chernykh, was named after Velikiy Novgorod. Moreover, in case you plan a Saint Petersburg tour, Veliky Novgorod can become a nice destination for a day trip from the Northern Capital.

Best Things to Do in Veliky Novgorod

  • Pay a visit to St. Sofia Cathedral
  • Explore the historical monuments from the reign of Mstislav the Great: the Yaroslav's Court, the Yuriev Monastery, and the Antoniev Monastery.
  • Pop in the Museum of Wooden Architecture


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