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About Yerevan

About Yerevan

Those who have been to Yerevan state that this city is an exclusive combination of magnetic scenery and ancient history. This standout metropolis represents the brilliance and grace of the proud Caucasus, keeping the image of a modernly developed locale.

Reasons to travel to Yerevan

A good way to catch some positive vibes right from the start of your Yerevan journey is taking a photo next to the Smoking Woman Sculpture, it is part of the set of Fernando Botero's sculptures. Born in Colombia, Botero is a world-famous artist with a special signature style that shows figures and objects in an exaggerated volume.

The “Woman” is accompanied by a “Cat”. All figures were transported to Yerevan thanks to Gerard Leon Cafesjian, the American businessman of Armenian origin who made a significant contribution to the city development and upgrading. Botero's sculptures lead to the famous Yerevan Cascade, a huge limestone stairway. It is certainly one of the main city symbols.

Consider adding the Cascade to your Yerevan itinerary to enjoy the unique staircase with fountains. Under The Cascade there is the Cafesjian Center for the Arts, the museum was opened and founded by overmentioned Gerard Cafesjian.

Before entering the Center and enjoy paintings and sculptures, make sure you have enough time and strength to walk to the top of the Cascade. From there you can get an unbelievable panoramic view of Ararat, even the sound of this mountain's name is sacred to any Armenian.

Cognac is the second thing Armenia worships as a shrine and is surely proud of. There are several places in Yerevan where the drink is produced. During your Yerevan tour, you may stop by the Yerevan Ararat Brandy Factory (named after the mighty mount Ararat).

You'll find yourself among the lucky ones who are led to the cellars, where cognac and wine are stored in barrels. Feel free to continue your degustation in any local restaurant where you can plunge into the abyss of Caucasian kindness and hospitality: these people do treat a guest as a kinsman.

Meat is an essential part of Armenian cuisine but those who enjoy eating pastry will definitely love baklava, gata, and a variety of lavashes. Discover Yerevan and see for yourself, this city is worth your attention and an admiring sigh!

Best Things to Do in Yerevan

  • Take a walking tour of Yerevan city center
  • Enjoy the panoramic city view from the Cascade
  • Learn more about the country's past in the History Museum of Armenia
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