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Great experience (Russia & the Baltics)

Annie and Gregory Atkinson from United States traveled to Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

The journey was the 50th wedding anniversary gift from kids and I need to say big-big thanks, it was off the charts. We made a loooong journey, starting from two capitals of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg and then went to Karelia, an absolutely marvelous region in the north of Russia. Nature is cool, it exceeded all our expectations. The Baltics seemed interesting too, I enjoyed the gothic panorama of Old Tallinn and Greg, my husband liked Riga better... By the way, we are both big fans of Sherlock Holmes series and the guides said that the famous Soviet adaptation was shot in Leningrad (or Saint Petersburg, "Piter") and in Baltic capitals too. It's great. We felt this peculiar northern charm. And our last destination was Kaliningrad, this is a small Russian town that lies beyond its borders. 

We are grateful to all people who organized our trip, we are not very young and it's not easy for us to travel, but everything was done perfectly. Flights were extremely comfortable. And the atmosphere the staff tried to create was so kind, friendly and encouraging that we felt very cheerful and enthusiastic, we had very long walks with our guides and never got tired. 

July 13, 2018
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