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Bill Folley from United States traveled to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan

I've previously been to China on a Trans-Siberian tour, but this time I decided to the famous Silk Road. I chose the rail tour organized by Travel All Russia and it paid off. The program was varied, it included many places in western Asia, like Uzbekistan, for example. I am interested in medieval history and read some books telling how the ancient caravans crossed the deserts and transported silk to Europe. And now I could see firsthand some places described, and it was terrific, you know. It blows your imagination away, really!

I wholeheartedly enjoyed Bukhara and especially Samarkand, with their unbelievable minarets, they look overwhelming and absolutely mind-boggling. The only thing I could not enjoy was the weather, sometimes it was extremely hot. The locals said it's typical for the season, but for me, it was a bit stressful, next time I'll need to choose the time for my future trips more thoroughly.

But in general, I enjoyed how the guys from Travel All Russia did their job, they chose the best hotels and made for quite a memorable two-week train tour. Some trains lacked high-class service that was offered in the Kazakhstan trains (where I felt really like a king or sultan), but I cannot say I need to complain. Everything was appropriate and I plan to take another outing here maybe, just not in the summer.

August 12, 2018
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