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It was probably the best trip I have taken

Brian Simpson from New Zealand traveled to Russia

We arrived home yesterday from our Russian River Cruise , and let me tell you it was probably the best trip I have taken and we go away 3 times per year, it exceeded my and my wife's expectations by 300% as I cannot think of one issue that disappointed us.

I am a very particular eater and do not eat mixed foods such as soup or stews. fish etc and the dining room staff noticed I was not eating all my dinner or lunch and asked why and I explained to them and the first thing they said was no problem tell us what you like and I gave several examples and after that I ate 100% of all lunches and dinners and I never even mentioned it, what an example of trying to please your customers.

We had a certain vision of what we thought Moscow would be like and boy were we shocked at how beautiful it is.

As well thanks for the great weather and all your assistance and you folks set the benchmark for others to aspire too.

August 26, 2012
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