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Volga Dream Gold with Helsinki Extension, May 2016

Carmen Dove from United States traveled to Russia, Finland

The trip was fantastic. I enjoyed the cruise and the presentations and lectures by the professor, which were very informative, and the best of the "activities" offered while cruising.

Mandrogi, the last stop before St Petersburg was not interesting as the other ones. I believe the fact of not being an authentic village takes away from the quality of the overall trip.

Food and service on the ship were outstanding. Regularly, the ship offers Wi-Fi for about $75 which is quite steep, in my opinion. Because tv was not working properly, in route, they made the decision to not charge for Wi-Fi and give the password to whoever happened to find out about the change. My suggestion would be to include Wi-Fi in the price of the trip, the same way you do for wine served during meals. This way people feel like they getting a good deal and it had the appearance of a bonus even though we really are paying for it. Psychologically, does not feel great to arrive for the cruise and find out you need to pay an additional fee for some service which today is almost essential.

Unfortunately, the hotel in Helsinski was not at par like the ones in Moscow and St Petersburg. Air conditioning did not work in the room so we had to ask them to open the window and housekeeping was a bit lagging. Our guide in Helsinki was outstanding.

June 10, 2016
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