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All's well that ends well.

Cecilia Firling from United States traveled to Russia, Mongolia, China

It's been a little over a week since we got back from Russia. Reflecting on our Epic Trans-Siberian Rail Tour, we both have a very positive outlook for another tour with Travel All Russia…hopefully to St. Petersburg.

It is true that some things went wrong on our trip, but overall, we were really pleased, most especially with the guides, and in particular, with the one in Ekaterinburg, where we were both sick. He called a doctor for us, translated (until very late at night) and then took Ken to get prescriptions filled at an all-night pharmacy. Then, he translated and wrote down for me all of the directions for the medications. When it was time for us to leave the next night (we had to stay an extra night at the hotel until I was well enough to travel) his wife prepared a bag with chamomile tea, dry bread and instant oatmeal for me to take on the train. I honestly don't know what I would have done without that, as I could hardly eat anything! He really had my best interests at heart, admonishing me not to anything else for 24 hours.

Then, when we got to the station in Novosibrisk, (I think) where we were to re-unite with our group, a very nice man came to meet us at the train and took us to the waiting room. I really did not expect that! Even though we had missed the tour of that city, he led us around the station, showing us all the displays about the city, and tried to tell us about it. He bought us water, and didn't leave until the rest of our group arrived. I call that "above and beyond the call of duty!"

Just wanted to let you know, and if there is some way that you can personally thank the guide in Ekaterinburg, that would be great. Also, we were very happy to receive a check from TAR today, for some of the expenses we incurred as a result of missing our flight. That reimbursement was quick and painless. We didn't even have to send any supporting documents. All's well that ends well.

September 19, 2013
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